Corrosion Science Division

For details of the next Corrosion Science Symposium please see the conferences and events section. 

Corrosion Engineering Division

The purpose of the Corrosion Engineering Division is to provide an informal forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to Corrosion Engineering issues. More specifically the benefits of the CED to its members include:

  • a forum to facilitate the exchange of information and experience.
  • a mechanism for members to jointly prepare documents that are of immediate and practical use to them in their field of activity (e.g. codes of practice, guidelines for processes and techniques, input to standards bodies, etc.). Documents produced by the working groups will be downloadable through the ICorr web site for a small fee.
  • a means of liaising with communicating with the working parties of international organisations (e.g. EFC, NACE working parties) and reducing the expense of travelling abroad to attend meetings.
  • The activities will be driven by the needs of the members, who can be drawn from across the spectrum of member organisations (i.e. industry, academia, research organisations, etc.). A number of working groups are in operation under the chairmanship of a nominated person. Nick Smart (Serco Technical Consulting Services) is the Chair of the Corrosion Engineering Division and reports on activities to the Council of the Institute; Douglas Mills is the coordinator for the CED and its working groups. The current working groups are:

Cathodic protection (chair Ross Fielding) -  Nuclear (chair Nick Smart) Coatings - (chair David Horrocks) Oilfield chemicals (chair Alistair Seton) - Water treatment (chair Pam Simpson) - Corrosion in Concrete (chair Chris Atkins)

Other groups could be started if there is sufficient support from the members. It is anticipated that the working groups will operate both through holding topical meetings and through electronic media, making use of the Institute's web site. The chairs of the individual working groups will liaise with the corresponding working groups in international bodies such as EFC, NACE, WCO, ASTM, etc. The CED activities will aim to be complimentary to the activities of these other bodies rather than competing.

Minutes Of Meetings

Minutes of CED meetings will be available for download in the members area. Please note that these minutes are only available to ICorr members and you will need to be logged into the members area to download the minutes. If you are a member of the working group but are not a member of ICorr please contact Nick Smart who will be able to provide the minutes via email

Contact Details

Working Group
Group Chair
Cathodic ProtectionRoss FieldingImpalloy 
Nick Smart
Amec Foster Wheeler 280385
David Horrocks BAM 63484
Oil-field Chemicals & CorrosionAlistair Seton JAS Consulting (UK)jasconsultinguk@icloud.com01224 790369
Water Treatment  
Pam Simpson
Whitewater 441851
Corrosion in Concrete 
Chris AtkinsMott MacDonald
0161 9264156