CP Level 3

Senior Cathodic Protection Engineer Certification Register

Liability: Whilst the ICorr Certification Scheme is responsible for assessment and certification of Senior Cathodic Protection Engineers, ICorr cannot be held liable for any faults or shortcomings in the performance of those personnel at the workplace.

Name Company Email Date of Expiry Application Sector
David Harvey CathPro Consult Ltd d.harvey@cathproconsult.co.uk 01/07/2019 X X X X
Chris Atkins Mott MacDonald chris.atkins@mottmac.com 01/07/2019 X X X X
Brian Wyatt Corrosion Control brianwyatt@controlcorrosion.co.uk 01/07/2019 X X X X
Kevin Davies CorroCiv Limited corrosioneer@btconnect.com 14/12/2019 X X X
Gareth Kevin Glass Concrete Preservation Technologies Ltd garethg@cp-tech.co.uk 14/12/2019 X
Anthony Gerrard Independent CP Consultant tony_gerrard@msn.com 01/10/2019 X X X X
John Broomfield Broomfield Consultants johnpbroomfield@aol.com 08/02/2020 X
Ali Sharifi Amey ali.sharifi@amey.co.uk 15/02/2020 X
James Preston Corrosion Prevention Limited info@corrosion-prevention.co.uk 15/09/2020 X X X
Dan Marshall Cathodic Protection Co Ltd dan.marshall@cathodic.co.uk 02/11/2021 X X X
Richard Edwards Corrosion Engineering Solutions Ltd richard.edwards@corrosionengineering.co.uk 01/08/2017 X X
Chris Spence Corrosion Control Services Ltd chris.spence@freysssinet.co.uk 09/07/2017 X
Housain Al-Mahrous Saudi Aramco husain.mahrous@aramco.com 08/08/2018 X X X
Martin Yeardley Self-Employed martinocp@gmail.com 06/12/2017 X X X
Paul Lambert Mott MacDonald paul.lambert@mottmac.com 30/07/2018 X X X
Paul Segers Segcorr Ltd paul.segers@segcorr.com 22/07/2018 X X X X
Christopher Lynch Corrpro clynch@corrpro.co.uk 01/07/2018 X X X
Peter Smith Pro-Tech CP Ltd pmsmith@protechcp.com 09/10/2018 X X
Homayoon Sadeghi Pouya Atkins homayoon.sadeghipouya@atkinsglobal.com 13/01/2019 X
Paul Chess CPI Aps cpi-gk@paulchess.freeserve.co.uk 18/05/2019 X
Barry Lamb BAC Corrosion Control Ltd barry.lamb@bacgroup.com 16/11/2019 X X X
Mohsen Mazraeh DuCorr Middle East FZC mohsen7@hotmail.co.uk 18/05/2019 X X
Robin  Bailey ACAPS acapsRB@aol.com 23/06/2019 X X X
Roberto Giorgini CorrPRE Engineering BV ro.giorgini@gmail.com 15/04/2020 X X X
Christopher Wozencroft Corrosion Engineering Solutions Ltd chris.wozencroft@corrosionengineering.co.uk 21/09/2019 X
Ulrich Schneck CITec Concrete Improvement Technologies GmbH ulrich.schneck@citec-online.com 20/11/2019 X
Peter Gibbs Corroco Ltd pgibbs@corro.co 06/01/2020 X X X
Ian Spring Corrosion Prevention Ltd ian@corrosion-prevention.co.uk 17/03/2020 X X X
Rudi Merola Mott MacDonald rudi.merola@mottmac.com 02/06/2020 X X
Patrick Lydon IACS Corrosion Engineering Ltd patl@iacsltd.co.uk 19/02/2020 X X X
(Raju) Subramaniam Narayan Corrosion Technology Services Europe Ltd rnarayan@ctscp.com 08/04/2020 X X X
George Sergi Vector Corrosion Technologies georges@vector-corrosion.com 07/05/2020 X
Marek Wartecki CorrPro mwartecki@corrpro.com 12/05/2020 X X X X
Zhaobin Yuan Amey zyuan1101@gmail.com 13/01/2021 X X
Stephen Hall Lo-Flex stephen.hall@lo-flex.com 13/01/2021 X
Gavin Jewell Amey gavinjewell@hotmail.com 11/04/2021 X
Peter G Sinclair Saipem peter.sinclair@saipem.com 24/09/2021 X X X
Alberto Del Moro Saipem SPA alberto.delmoro@saipem 21/11/2021 X
Joseph I Emmanuel Joiegloe Engineering Services(UK) jemmanuel@joiegloeengineeringservices.com 05/12/2021 X X
David Simpson Vector Corrosion Technologies davids@vector-corrosion.com 13/02/2022 X
Ashokan Gopal Corrosion Technology Services Europe Ltd agopal@ctscp.com 06/03/2022 X X X
David Eyre APF (London) Ltd davideyre.apf@btinternet.com 29/03/2022 X X X
William Whittaker CPEL bwhittaker@cathodicengineering.co.uk 29/06/2022 X X

B – Underground and immersed metallic structures;
M – Marine metallic structures;
RC – Reinforced concrete structures;
I – Inner surfaces of metallic container structures.