Corrosion under Insulation

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Hi to all, I am very interested in the above topic, and I was wondering what method(s) people are using - or what people would suggest - to protect against cui? rgds - quinny
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One product I would recommend would be Vapour Corrosion inhibitors. I can email the data sheet if you are interested?
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Thermal spray aluminium coating (metalizing) is widely uses and successfully for CUI.

Lots of articles and historical case study can be obtained from web.

Personally, I have plenty experiences applying TSA on carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.
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In organic Zinc silicate Coatings will work under CUI
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EonCoat reaction creates a chemical bond with the substrate. Where traditional coatings create a film which mechanically bonds to the surface, if gouged, moisture and oxygen are able to migrate under that surface, where they are trapped by the film and flow in the valleys between the profile peaks that the coating bonds to. This creates a greenhouse effect that actually promotes corrosion.

EonCoat actually bonds with the steel, changing the surface of the steel to essentially an alloyed surface. The surface becomes a layer of magnesium iron phosphate that does not corrode.

Eoncoat is an excellent anti-corrosive, flexible ceramic coating done by spraying two-component water based paint.
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The application of thermally sprayed Aluminium is sound but Alumininium-Zinc-Indium would be better as it is more active under more conditions as a galvanic anode.
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Depending upon the operating temperature there are range of coatings that can protect against CUI. A good reference guide is NACE SP-0198
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You must do the below for CUI prevention.

1) Get the item coated with very minimal defects that may lead to coating failures. Selection can be made from NACE SP-0198 as a Gentleman specified above. Coating application and inspection is critical here.2

2) Design a proper insulation system ensuring no water intrusion. i.e a 100% water tight insulation. CINI gives the correct ways for you, still brain should be well used in accordance with the situations.