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Seawater pump failure
Has someone come across the failure of a pump that carries seawater from an aerated tank to a heat exchanger unit?
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316 Ti Stainless corrosion due to chlorine
any information on the exposure limits of 316 Ti to chlorine residue before causing reduced life?
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Is there a differnce between painting and coating inspector

by: reconaval
Sun 2nd Apr 2017

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Corrosion under Insulation
Hi to all you fellow corrosion peopleThis posting is to primarily test the water within the ICorr forum. I am very interested in the above titled topic (I know, sad isnít it?), and I was wondering what method(s) people (Owners Contractors et al.) are usi
by: jithkriz
Thu 16th Jul 2015

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TSA vs Protective Coatings
All, If challenged with; 'what is the most cost effective corrosion protection system between TSA and other protective coating systems operating in an offshore environment?' what would your answer be?
by: jithkriz
Thu 16th Jul 2015

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Corrosion Inhibitor Tank
Will a corrosion inhibitor offer suitable corrosion protection on its own in a carbon steel corrosion inhibitor tank or would additional protection be required," internal lining?"
by: reconaval
Sun 2nd Apr 2017

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Corrosion due to ground waters
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good article on corrosion by groundwaters, specifically some estimated limits of composition as regards, sulphate, nitrate, pH, alkalinity, hardness, etc. to be wary of when making a corrosivity assessme
by: winnienie
Thu 9th Jul 2015

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Crevice Corrosion and line integrity
Many current piping specification, and the design of their associated supports are such that they allow moister and water (electrolyte) to become trapped (crevice corrosion) at the support and the pipe interface. This trapped electrolyte, which often has
by: shaw206
Sat 8th Mar 2014

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cathodic shielding
could any one tell me which standards specially are about cathodic shielding and preventing methods?
by: malik.boumnijel
Tue 8th Oct 2013

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Microbiologically Induced Corrosion
Looking for further details of MIC particularly when seen in sea water silt
by: henry tan
Tue 23rd Jul 2013

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Corrosion under Insulation
Hi to all, I am very interested in the above topic, and I was wondering what method(s) people are using - or what people would suggest - to protect against cui? Ė rgds - quinny
by: jithkriz
Thu 16th Jul 2015

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cathodic shielding
I'm intrested in getting some information about cathodic shielding
by: anticorrosionpaint
Fri 12th Oct 2012

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Galvanic Corrosion
Appearance of de-lamination
by: inspectorgadgy
Fri 1st Jun 2012

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steel corrosion (mining)
the corrosion of steel in potash and salt mining and plant
by: lluisharo
Tue 31st Jan 2012

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what the latest tecnology used for offshore corrosion protection ?

by: ray sams
Wed 21st Dec 2011

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ways to detect cathodic shielding
I'm interested in the ways to detect cathodic shielding of cpipeline coating
by: david harvey
Thu 15th Sep 2011

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Galvanic corrosion issue?
I have a possible major problem with galvanic corrosion .
by: martin randell
Tue 19th Apr 2011

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Ionic insulation for CP in concrete
I am interested in getting hold of a product for insulating retrofitted concrete units, from original concrete which is subjected to ICCP. I am aware that one can use nylon bar or epoxy resin anchor material to insulate the fixings, but I was hoping some
by: paul lambert
Tue 28th Jun 2011

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Aluminium heat exchanger/softened water/domestic c
Does anyone have first hand experience of aluminium heat exchanger corrosion caused by softened water in domestic central heating systems?
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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Vertical spacing.
There is any standard: Vertical most suitable spacing between two buried pipelines at crossing point.
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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internal corrosion of walnut filter
my question is can i used zinc anode as sacrificial anode for preventing internal corrosion of walnut filter. electrolyte used is of water containing oil contaminents
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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risks associated with cathodic protection in oil and gas pipelines
Hi, i'm working on a project- "developing guidelines for corrosion control methods in oil and gas pipelines", was wondering if i could get a little help with it because in order to develop guidelines, i need to know the risks associated with
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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Alloy 625 Contamination with Carbon Steel
Hi, We need to clean the carbon steel contamination from the alloy 625 surface. The carbon steel is rusted. Is there any chemical cleaning procedure, any materials we could apply on the surface to solve the iron and rust particles?
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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Corrosion under paint
I have a steel component which was turned and heat treated. After mechanical operations it is painted by giving a primer undercoat subsequently painted. After 4-5 months I observed tiny corrosion sites where paint film has peeled off and rust is seen on t
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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Copper Anode in Seawater Caisson
Will a copper anode inside a GRE caisson holding a steel pump prevent biofouling.
by: paul lambert
Tue 22nd Feb 2011

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Aesthetic paint finishes
Could anybody point me in the right direction where I may find any industry standards for aesthetic finish standards for Multi coat systems applied to Structural steelwork / bridge work. An unconfirmed example would be: Decorative Finsh - No surface defec
by: fyfecj
Mon 24th Sep 2012

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Offshore cathoidc protection survey - Pipelines

by: stevehall
Sun 5th Dec 2010

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Corrosion in railway tunnels
Hi all, is anyone aware of a standard that specifies the environment in a railway tunnel such that pipes, trays etc can be specified accordingly.
by: paul lambert
Mon 14th Jun 2010

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Corrosion Treatment for Chlorided Wrought Iron
Treatment for above of Historic Ships Hulls
by: paul lambert
Mon 14th Jun 2010

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Galvanic Corrosion
by: amarnie
Sun 2nd May 2010

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Cost of corrosion
Please, I am interested in knowing the current estimation of the total cost of corrosion both in the UK and globally in terms of amount and the GDP.
by: amarnie
Sun 2nd May 2010

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does any one know of any concrete evidence that rockwool insulation can accelerate corrosion in marine environments?
by: tony richards
Fri 30th Apr 2010

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corrosion causes
I am interested in knowing what the various factors that cause corrosion in engineering materials in the oil and gas industry are?
by: mayowabakare
Mon 26th Apr 2010

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AF Leach Layer
Overcoating recommendation
by: waldof
Mon 26th Apr 2010

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Hot metal spray - corrosion
corrosion on steel columns which were hot metal sprayed with zinc, epoxy zinc primed & powder coated. The columns are set in concrete and the corrosion is happening in the concrete footing and directly above this where the column comes out of the concrete
by: fyfecj
Mon 7th Dec 2009

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SRB corrosion of SG Cast Iron Pipes
SG CAst Iron Pipes are used in subsea applications for cable protection. Localised accelerated corrosion has been identified to be caused by SRB. IS SG Cast Iron more susceptable to attack by SRB than Grey Cast Iron ? What steps can be taken to elimina
by: peter clark
Wed 25th Nov 2009

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Macrocell corrosion in low chloride concrete
I've been investigating and rehabilitating reinforced concrete wastewater infrastructure for several years. I've found several instances of what appears to be macrocell corrosion of reinforcement in Final Settling Tanks (clarifiers) well below water leve
by: davem
Tue 17th Nov 2009

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Cathodic Protection Subsea Pipeline
Hi, I wonder if somebody could explain how onion OH- could migrate in subsea pipeline for more than 200 m. What is the carrier of these onions?
by: javadsafari
Mon 2nd Nov 2009

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Abrasive Blasting in inflammable Atmosphers

by: fyfecj
Thu 22nd Oct 2009

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The Next 50 Years
Which areas of corrosion science and technology are most in need of further research and development?
by: fyfecj
Mon 23rd Mar 2009

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