Institute of Corrosion’s Corrosion Engineering Division

Institute of Corrosion’s Corrosion Engineering Division SYMPOSIUM ON ‘CORROSION MONITORING’ Birchwood Park, Warrington, Thursday 29th April 2010

This one day meeting will be the third in a series of recent working days of the Institute of Corrosion’s Corrosion Engineering Division (previous meetings were held at Birmingham and Buxton).  The meeting will be held at The Centre, Birchwood Park, near Warrington.  The meeting will start with two plenary lectures on aspects of corrosion monitoring, as shown in the programme below.  This will be followed by meetings of the CED working groups (see Leaflet enclosed in this issue of Corrosion Management) combined with a short tour of Serco’s corrosion and inspection laboratories in nearby Walton House, in small groups.

Agendas for the working group meetings will be published separately in advance on the CED web site”.  These meetings will include separate topical presentations arranged by the chairs of the individual working groups.  There will also be time for topical discussions and formulation of future activities of the groups.  The meeting will close with a final plenary lecture on another aspect of corrosion monitoring.  This working day will be a good opportunity to network with other corrosion professionals from different industry sectors.  For information on becoming involved with CED working parties please see the CED web site or contact the Chair of CED, Nick Smart ( HYPERLINK “”  For registration to attend the meeting, please complete and return the registration form on the enclosed leaflet.