The Welding Institute – Wind Energy Challenges in integrity Management

The Welding institute meeting on Materials, Welding and Integrity issues in Offshore Wind

ICorr members are invited to attend a meeting on the theme of Offshore Wind Energy structures and their issues of materials, welding and integrity and will be held at TWI, Granta Park, Cambridge CB21 6AL on Thursday 15th March.

The line up of speakers, including:

Ben Wysome, Head of Department,  Offshore Wind team, Ramboll UK,

Mons Hauge, Chief Engineer Materials Technology, Statoil

Dr Stephan Brauser, Mannesmann and Dr Andreas Pittner, Federal Institute for Materials Research, Germany

Professor Michael Havro-Faber, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark

Professor Feargal Brennan, Cranfield University

Steve Marson, James Fisher Testing Services

Alan Denney, AKD Materials Consulting Ltd.

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Midlands Branch April Meeting

Midland Branch Meeting

Date:               Tuesday, 10th April 2018

Venue:             Amey International Design Hub, 20 Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham B4 6AT

 Time:               17:30 – 20:00 – Food and light refreshment provided

 Topics:             Branch AGM Meeting, follow by three presentations detailing advancements in Galvanic Anode systems for use in reinforced concrete structures by Senior Corrosion Specialists from Mapei, CPT Ltd and Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.


Midlands Branch April Meeting

Date: 10th April 2018 and will include the branch AGM
Topics: Midland Branch AGM Meeting
             Detailing advancements in Galvanic Anode systems for use in reinforced concrete structures. The presentation will be              provided by senior corrosion specialists from Mapei, CPT Ltd and Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd.
The venue: Amey International Design Hub,
                   20 Colmore Circus Queensway
                   Birmingham B4 6AT
Time: 17.30 to 20.00  – food and light refreshment provided

Technology Advancements in Integrity Management of Storage Tanks


John Lilley and Mark Stone

Sonomatic Ltd


The industry is well versed with Corrosion mapping of vessels and pipework but Corrosion Mapping of Storage Tanks has always relied on “dropping the tank” which has an impact on production and risk. The industry does not like working in confined spaces and there are moves towards zero-man entry over the lifetime of storage and process vessels.

Storage Tanks are susceptible to a range of internal and external corrosion processes. As such inspection plays a major role in effective integrity management of Storage Tanks. Historically, inspection of the floor has relied on emptying the tank and personnel entry for cleaning and inspection. Internal inspection for other mechanisms also takes place at this time. This means tanks can be out of service for significant periods of time.

Sonomatic have developed a range of methods for inspection of Storage Tanks while in-service. A key element is robotic cleaning and inspection of the floor. This forms part of a comprehensive inspection in which the tank shell is also inspected non-intrusively using ultrasonic corrosion mapping supported by statistical analysis. The presentation will give an overview of the technologies involved, how these link into more efficient integrity management of Storage Tanks and will also include a case study of field application.

A fascinating not to be missed presentation

Date:            8th March

Venue:         Imperial College, Skempton Building, London SW7 2BB

18.00  Doors Open – Networking

18:30  Presentation – Sonomatic Ltd

20.00  Buffet & Refreshments – Networking

21.00  Close


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Corrosion Fundamentals By Dr Jane Lomas

Corrosion Fundamentals By Dr Jane Lomas

The first presentation of The Young Engineers Program (YEP) also start at CB&I in London with an excellent presentation on the Basics of Corrosion by Jane Lomas. The event was opened by Bill hedges of BP and continues through the year with 9 modules including a Case Study which the delegates will present back at the London Branch meeting in November 2018.

 The discussion was all encompassing but dealt with the basics of corrosion from first principals;

  • Basic Principles
  • Anodic and Cathodic Areas
  • What Controls Corrosion rates
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Common Types of Corrosion
    • Pitting
    • Crevice attack
    • Galvanic corrosion
    • Stray current corrosion
    • Stress corrosion cracking
    • Microbially induced corrosion


The group enjoyed a networking session after the meeting at a local restaurant courtesy of The Institute of Corrosion.

The next YEP meeting will be Welding and NDT Techniques to be presented by Alan Denney on Wednesday 21st February at CB&I in London.

We are extremely grateful to Jane Lomas and Sadegh Parvizi at CB&I and all the other members of ICorr that give up their time freely to assist our Young Engineers with their career development

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