Level 2 CP Senior Technician Course, Marine Metallic Structure


Why attend this course?


Certification of cathodic protection personnel competence is a requirement for the cathodic protection industry throughout Europe in accordance with BS EN 15257 (soon to become an ISO Standard).  This includes all personnel i.e. Technicians, Senior Technicians/Junior Engineers, Field Engineers, Designers and Consultants carrying out cathodic protection duties such as survey, design, installation, testing, monitoring and maintenance within the UK and Europe. With the ISO this will be international.

This course and examination, for Level 2 Senior CP Technicians, is in compliance with BS EN 15257 and suitable for candidates with a minimum Level 1 experience in cathodic protection, or with Dispensation from ICorr based on education, professional qualifications and experience to bypass Level 1, but note that full Certification to Level 2 by ICorr requires a minimum of four year’s approved marine CP experience (less with a higher level education). The course is likely to be of particular value to, in addition to Level 1 Technicians in this or other sectors:

  • Level 2 Senior Technicians Certificated in the Buried or Steel in Concrete sectors
  • Engineers in the offshore Oil and Gas sectors involved in cathodic protection
  • Engineers and Inspection and Maintenance personnel in the Offshore Wind industry

The location of the course provides special interest allowing for practical measurements to be taken on site at the Harwich International Port Ltd. Particular thanks are due to Dean Tatum, Port Engineer.


Course Content

The topics of this course are fully set out and described in BS EN 15257 for Level 2 at Annex B1 and B3 and cover the application of cathodic protection (CP) to the following marine structures:

  • Harbours
  • Wharves, pilings and walls
  • Jetties
  • Subsea structures
  • Offshore Wind Foundations
  • Offshore pipelines (submerged and buried)
  • Offshore platforms
  • Ship external hulls

The course will enable candidates to learn the key skills detailed in BS EN 15257. On completion, candidates should have a good general knowledge of the principles of corrosion, electricity and cathodic protection, the significance of coatings and their influence on cathodic protection and

a detailed knowledge of cathodic protection test procedures and safety issues. The candidates should, after the course, be competent to perform cathodic protection tasks according to established or recognised procedures. After the course, the Candidates should be able to undertake cathodic protection design work under the supervision of an individual certificated to Level 3. Subject to local regulations. An individual Certificated to Level 2 may undertake simple cathodic protection design work as described in annex B of the Standard, according to established procedures in a known environment, without supervision.

The rules governing training, examination and certification are set out in ICorr REQ DOC (CP). For more information regarding both of these contact argyllruane@imeche.org or visit http://www.icorr.org/education_training, CP certification scheme.


How do I obtain Certification?


Certification is awarded to those candidates who:

  1. Have undertaken a minimum of 40 hours approved training. This course, with its supplied pre-course study provides this approved training;
  2. Sit and pass the examination (held on the Friday of the course).
  3. Apply separately to the Institute of Corrosion, providing satisfactory evidence of required C.P. Experience (no charge at present). By application in 2019 new Certificate to ISO 15257 (no charge)


Special Note: This course is delivered at an off site marine location to be confirmed.



Course and Examination Cost (excluding Accommodation).

Cost:               £1050.00 + VAT

Examination: £350 + VAT                             Total Course & Exam: £1400.00

Course Providers

The Course will be conducted by Engineering Training Solutions (part of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers) on behalf of Institute of Corrosion

Principal Lecturer: Paul Segers MSc, CEng, FICorr, MIM3 ICorr Level 3.

Course and examination enquiries: +44 (0)114 3995720 or argyllruane@imeche.org