Cathodic Protection Senior Technician ICorr Level 2


Why attend this course?

This course is designed to prepare individuals for the ICorr Cathodic Protection Technician Level 2 examination and certification of competence by ICorr. Any information in the syllabus below which is repeated from the Level 1 syllabus is dealt with in greater depth. The course is suitable for candidates with experience in cathodic protection and holding an ICorr Cathodic Protection Technician Level 1 certificate. Certification requires 2-4 years experience in cathodic protection of steel in concrete (subject to the candidates technical education level) this can be before or after the course and examination. The application form for the course has provision for experienced applicants to record their experience which is then passed to ICorr for assessment and issue of the certificate after the candidate has successfully sat the examination.


For more information please contact emma simmonds 01420471614/

Course details

Duration: 5 days

Course Schedule 2018:

23 July

Course and examination enquiries

This needs to be booked separately through Training Solution IMechE, ICorr’s delegated examination centre. Please contact them direct for costs; IMechE Engineering Training Solutions email: website at alternatively you can contact them on +44(0)114 3995720.

Training courses – Venue & Costs

The courses will start at 0930 and finish at 1530. Pre-registration is vital, and courses are subject to cancellation if the numbers 2 weeks prior to starting are considered uneconomic. The location of the courses will determined based on delegates travel.

The cost to CPA members is £700 per person (£950 for non members).