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Corrosion of steel in concrete is a major threat to infrastructure the world over. Cathodic protection is recognised as an economical method of repairing concrete subject to the commonest cause of corrosion. In order to address the levels of technical competence required to carry out a successful installation a British and European Standard has been produced (BS EN 15257) that outlines the levels of training and education required for personnel. There are 3 levels of personnel described in the standard. On a simple basis, Level 3 personnel produce designs and specifications for cathodic protection systems and interpret results, Level 2 personnel produce method statements that Level 1 personnel follow. The standard also outlines the four sectors that cathodic protection is employed, i.e. reinforced concrete, buried and submerged structures, immersed structures and tank internals. In response to this the Institute of Corrosion and the Corrosion Prevention Association have combined to produce a syllabus, course notes and examination that achieve the requirements of the European Standard. This course relates to Level 1 certification for cathodic protection personnel in reinforced concrete.

Distance Learning Training Modules For the award of the Certificate of Competence

All five modules must be completed, together with coursework (short report/analysis), within 18 months of registration. A certificate of achievement will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of each module. Start dates are flexible. A number of practical experiments are described. In order to undertake these experiments a digital voltmeter will be required along with come common metals, specifically iron, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper and carbon (pencil leads). The course has been prepared in conjunction with the Institute of Corrosion Professional Development and Training Committee and the Corrosion Prevention Association. The certificate will demonstrate the required level of training has been achieved in accordance with EN 15257 with respect to a level 1 cathodic protection technician for reinforced concrete. In order to become a certificated level 1 cp technician in reinforced concrete an exam must be sat. The exam is provided by the Institute of Corrosion’s course provider. Currently this is Argyll Ruane, based on Rotherham, UK. The exam must be sat at their examination centre in Rotherham. Individual modules may be undertaken for CPD purposes. Modules 1 to 3 represent the core subjects for cathodic protection. Modules 4 and 5 represent the sector specific items. Each module will involve approximately at least 10 hours of study. The formal assessment will form part of the 10 hours of study including coursework. An external examiner will review the coursework. Start dates are flexible, with modules due for completion within 30 working days of receiving the course materials.


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