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The comprehensive and flexible online ‘Train the inspector’ course has been developed to prepare candidates for the ICorr Coating Inspector Level 3 examination. The course is suitable for ICorr level 2 coating inspectors with more than 3 years of coating inspection experience. The Coating Inspection course also includes an additional module in Marine and Offshore Coating.

Level 3 personnel are qualified to:

  • Direct any inspection or test operation for which they are certified;
  • Assume full responsibility for an inspection or test facility and staff;
  • Establish and/or validate work instructions or procedures;
  • Interpret normative documents;
  • Designate the extent of inspection and the particular test methods and procedures to be used.

Level 3 personnel have demonstrated:

  • Competence to interpret and evaluate inspection or test results in terms of existing normative documents;
  • Possession of a scope and level of knowledge sufficient to enable the individual to select inspection methods and tests, and to assist in the establishment of inspection and test criteria where none are otherwise available;
  • A general familiarity with coating materials, fabrics and structures protected by painting and coating, application methods and associated areas;
  • The ability to guide personnel below Level 3.

Course Content

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Course Details

60-80 hours of online studying over a maximum 12-month period. A mandatory advanced practical workshop followed by a one day practical and theoretical examination must be attended to acquire the recognised ICorr Coating Inspection level 3 Certificate. Examination dates 

Mandatory one day advanced workshop information and dates


Course and Examination Enquiries

For more information including prices and availability please visit our training partner’s website at https://corrodere.com/traintheinspector/icorr-level-3-coating-inspector alternatively you can contact them on: –

  1. +44 (0) 1252 732220
  2. meena@corrodere.com


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