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Supervisor Course

This new course is proving popular and has already been held three times in 2017. The course is available to any applicator who has two years’ experience following successfully completing the mandatory ICA ICATS module.  Supervisors and Technical Managers who have more than two years’ experience in the industrial coating field will also be considered with supporting evidence from their employer, even if they have not completed the ICA course. Other candidates with at least five years’ verifiable experience in the coating industry will also be eligible.

For further details and course dates please visit our website www.icats-training.org and use the Supervisors Module tab, or call the Correx office on 01604 438222.

Company Trainer Course

We hold the Company Trainer Courses three or four times a year. Please contact the office for the date of the next course.


As previously advised all new ICATS cards now incorporate the CSCS logo, confirming holders are suitably trained and qualified in Industrial Coating Application and they will not need another CSCS card to work on sites which require CSCS certification.

We are currently investigating converting to a SMART card system, so that the authenticity of the card and the holder’s details can be interrogated by Site Managers using a smartphone, tablet or PC allowing them to instantly record the cardholder’s information, and be secure in the knowledge that the cardholder is qualified for the job they do on site.

Further details of the CSCS Partner Scheme are available on the website under the CSCS Partner Scheme tab.

Keep up to date with ICATS using the website above or through the ICATS group on LinkedIn the business-oriented social networking service. 

Fundamentals of Corrosion Course

This four day course (with an examination on day 5) has now been developed and is ready to be delivered.  The first such course is scheduled for mid-September 2017.  Dr Jane Lomas will be the presenter and it is likely that this first course will be held at IMechE
in Sheffield.

More details will be published in Corrosion Management when they are available.

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