ICorr recruiting – Training Scheme Manager (Cathodic Protection)

Job Title: Training Scheme Manager (Cathodic Protection)

Location: Northampton/remote working

Company Name: Institute of Corrosion

Job Type: Part-Time

Applications: via email to admin@icorr.org, attaching CV

Closing Date: 6 December 2019

Job Description:


  • To act on behalf of the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) in all matters relating to Cathodic Protection Training and Competence Assessment (the CP Scheme).
  • To report to and take instruction from the Cathodic Protection Governing Board (CPGB) and the Professional Development, Training and Certification committee (PDTC) in all activities.
  • To keep the chairs of CPGB and PDTC advised of all significant activities and to extend this advice to the President of ICorr in respect of any issues that may have significant strategic importance or expose ICorr to risk.
  • To liaise with the Professional Assessment Committee (PAC) in respect of Certification of CP personnel (Certification being the responsibility of PAC).
  • To liaise with the Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA) in respect of their marketing, booking and organising ICorr ISO L2 and L3 Steel in Concrete CP courses, in accordance with the Qualification Procedure Document (QPD), using approved ICorr Tutors and ICorr Course Packages.
  • To contribute to CPGB updates of the QPD.
  • To train and mentor a deputy in all aspects of the role, with a view to succession planning.


Course and Examination Packages

  • Advising on revisions and updates of ICorr REQ-DOCs, ensuring that they are interpreted quickly and consistently on behalf of both Candidates and course providers to maintain the quality and consistency of course delivery.
  • Ensuring that the inputs from CPGB and PDTC members expert in CP and the ICorr CP Tutors are addressed and collated into the emerging suite of BS EN ISO 15257 and ICorr QPD compliant Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 CP Courses in the Buried, Marine and Steel in Concrete Sectors.
  • Working with the CPGB, the Tutors and the Course Auditors in the routine audits (procedural, technical and delivery quality) of the courses, in collating, assessing, addressing and implementing improvements to the course and examination packages in accordance with a schedule set by CPGB.
  • The principal objective is to ensure that the courses and examinations meet the full requirements of the ISO 15257 and QPD, including all of the key tasks at the appropriate Levels in all Sectors, to ensure that the courses and examinations are of equal Level and rigour across all Sectors and that they are fit for purpose for the Assessment of Competence at all levels and all Sectors.
  • The objective of the ICorr CP Scheme is that it is ‘world class’ and is, in reality and in public perception, ‘best in class’.


Liaison with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Argyll Ruane and any other ICorr Appointed Course and Examination Providers, collectively ‘The Providers’

  • To liaise with The Providers, directly with their nominated personnel as advised from time to time, on all matters relating to:
    • The timing and location of ICorr CP courses
    • The availability of course and examination packages approved by CPGB and PDTC in good time for effective delivery to Candidates (including pre-course training)
    • The provision of ICorr approved Tutors and Examiners for all Levels and all Sectors
  • To liaise with The Providers and ICorr Editor of Corrosion Management and the web master for ICorr to ensure optimum publicity for the ICorr CP courses (and other courses delivered by The Providers).
  • To liaise with the ICorr approved Tutors (who may be contracted by The Providers) to encourage their personal marketing of the courses to their contacts in the CP and related industries in order to optimise course attendance.
  • To be the focal point of communications relating to the CP Scheme between The Providers and ICorr but to ensure that, dependent upon importance and risk, the President and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of PDTC and CPGB are kept advised as appropriate.
  • To assist The Providers and ICorr Corrosion House in the transfer of the necessary information in respect of Dispensations that may be requested for entry into Level 3 Training and Assessment from Candidates not certificated to Level 2. Dispensation requests, with the relevant information for assessment, shall be sent to PDTC Chair or delegated nominee, for decision.
  • To monitor and review course feedback forms supplied by the Providers via ICorr Corrosion House, acting as a focus for complaints from Candidates and ensuring that these are handled promptly, with particular reference to examination marking.
  • To monitor monthly course delivery, examinations and failed Candidates and to report these data to PDTC meetings on a regular basis.


Liaison and Advice to Intending Candidates

  • Many Candidates for the ICorr CP Scheme have questions relating to which Sectors or Levels are appropriate for them and at what Level they should enter the Scheme. These questions are addressed by Candidates to both ICorr Corrosion House and to The Providers. The CP Scheme Manager shall act as the focal point for these and shall draft appropriate responses to be delivered by ICorr or The Providers.
  • To liaise with CPGB and both Corrosion House staff and The Providers’ staff to provide clear guidance that can be delivered accurately to Candidates in order to minimise the volume of enquiries being passed to the CP Scheme Manager.


Potential Extensions to the CP Scheme

  • To liaise with CPGB, PDTC, The Providers and the market to identify potential additional opportunities for the ICorr CP Scheme. These may include additional Level 1 courses (Steel in Concrete and Marine), CP Awareness courses for managers, CP Design courses (perhaps without Certification) at Level 4. None of these can be addressed at present, due to limited resource, but the opportunities shall be logged with CPGB and PDTC for their consideration for their possible progression from 2020.


Liaison with the Surface Treatment Scheme Manager

  • By direct liaison with the ICorr Surface Treatment Scheme Manager and through PDTC to work to ensure optimum alignment of the ICorr CP and Surface Treatment Schemes to the mutual benefit of the Schemes.



  • Experience at senior level in the cathodic protection industry
  • ISO Level 4 certification in at least one CP sector
  • Availability on a part-time basis (nominally one day per week)
  • Ability to manage time effectively and prioritise tasks



  • ISO Level 4 certification in multiple CP sectors
  • Knowledge of Institute of Corrosion training activities
  • Strong relationships with key industry stakeholders
  • Background in training and certification

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