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With the prospect of travelling and restrictions finally being eased, training at Corrosion House, Northampton, is being considered again, and it is hoped to have to face to face ICATS in the near future.

Online training will also continue as it has proven to be very successful during the pandemic but with the potential of being able to offer an online or face to face training options.

The 2021 ICorr/CORREX audit was carried out virtually at the end of July, and all being well we will pass this surveillance audit with all boxes ticked and systems in place once more. Face to face audits will resume in the last quarter of this year

Some companies require this type of audit for their own management system, and if this refers to your company, please contact me on my normal email address.

Also, we are intending to add to our suite of ICATS courses in the near future,
so watch this space for more information

FinalIy, I hope that the summer proves to be very successful for you all, and the recovery gives you an abundance of projects to work on.

Kevin Harold, CORREX Managing Director

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