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The intent of Young ICorr is to develop a network of younger professionals, who are either working or interested in the field of corrosion, and to assist in their career development as a member of the Institute.  The vision of “Young ICorr” is to Recruit, Train, Retain, the younger generations of engineers and scientists, and to assist in increasing their experience, their corrosion network, and to improve their career opportunities.

In recent years, the Young ICorr community and network has rapidly grown under the leadership of Caroline Allanach who chaired the committee after participating in the 2018 Young Engineers Programme (YEP). Fellow participant, and team member of the 2018 YEP, Danny Burkle, worked closely with Caroline, as vice-chair, to help drive membership growth and assist in bridging the gap between the senior ICorr members, and the engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers in the earlier stages of their career.

Caroline, has recently completed 2 years as the chair and Danny is taking over the chair of the committee. Danny will continue to help continue the growth of Young ICorr and to assist the younger generation with the next steps in their career path. As chair, Danny’s first task has been to recruit a new vice-chair and to confirm the Young ICorr committee structure.

James McGladdery, who participated in the 2019 YEP and joined the committee after the programme had finished, has assisted greatly in the growth of the network and will become the next vice-chair. One of the first major tasks for the Danny and James will be to restructure and build the committee to assist with further membership development and growth and to plan the next 12 months of events. The new committee will be made up of professionals in both academia and industry related positions, and widely spread across the UK and beyond.

Young ICorr are currently looking for enthusiastic, motivated people to join the advisory committee, and if you are interested in joining, or interesting in learning more about our vision and future events. then please contact Danny for more information on The chair looks look forward to hearing from you and to welcome you to a network of like- minded peers.

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