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Welcome to the London Branch

The fundamentals of the Institute of Corrosion is for the local Engineering Fraternity to gather, discuss the pro’s and con’s of the latest technology and network.

The branches are therefore located in strategic cities and grouped into six regions. Each Branch is made up with volunteers who work together to engage and provide support to the local engineering communities.

We also work with other Engineering Institutions to provide interesting and diverse topics for discussion at a local level, to include; IMechE, IOM3, Institute of Welding, Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Branch Meetings

Venue: Imperial College, London, The Skelton Building, Civil Engineering Department, Imperial College Road, off Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2AZ

London Branch meetings are held every 2nd Thursday in the month from September to May.

The evening events start at 18.00 with complimentary drinks.

The Technical Presentation starts at 18.30.

There is complementary buffet and a full bar from 19.30 onwards.

The meeting generally closes around 21.00.


Imperial College, London

Imperial College, London
The Skelton Building, Civil Engineering Department, Imperial College Road, off Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2AZ


Latest News & Newsletters

London Branch

The first meeting of the new season is a joint meeting with LMS on 12 October, and the evening has been handed over to the Young ICorr Group, who have organised a presentation by Simon Bowcock of BP on “Corrosion challenges and considerations for the design and...

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London Branch March News

March was the Branch’s AGM, and reports were given by the outgoing chairman, Jim Gynn and the hon treasurer, Mike Allen.  The branch had completed a full and successful meetings programme at their new venue, Imperial College, where they have started to see an increase...

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October Meeting

The Branch had a good start to the 2017-18 season, and whilst there were only had 40 people at the October meeting, the guests were from the major offshore operators, and about 30% were below the age of 40, which was the audience targeted.  Simon Bowcock...

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London Branch Committee Members

Chair: David Mobbs

Vice Chair: George Winning

Events: Trevor Osborne

Treasurer:  James Glynn

Secretary: Paul Brooks

Web Updates: Polina Zabelina

Young ICorr: Sarah Vasey

Invitations: Ben Moorhouse

Membership Development: Steve Barke

Email address: