Senior Cathodic Protection Technician – Reinforced concrete Structures Level 3 – ONLINE


Why attend this course?

The course and examination are in compliance with BS EN 15257:2017 and is suitable for candidates with the requisite qualifying experience; see separate panel headed Certification to BS EN 15257. The course is also suitable for those who took the Level 1 training course and require an appreciation of the protection of reinforced concrete structures at this higher level without pursuing certification.


Course content

The topics of this course are fully set out and described in BS EN 15257 at Annex B1 and B2. The rules governing training, examination and certification are set out in ICorr REQ DOC (CP).

Special note:

Applicants must either hold ICorr Level 1 Cathodic Protection Technician – Reinforced Concrete Structures or have at least 1 year approved experience or, where the applicant does not hold this certification has attended the training course or satisfies the educational and experience requirements set out in ICorr REQ DOC (CP).


Course and examination enquiries

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Certification enquiries

For all queries regarding Certification and Re-Certification please access the Institute of Corrosion web site:   All Certification and Re-Certification Application Forms along with Guidance Notes can be downloaded from this page.

If you need any specific assistance please contact the Institute of Corrosion at Corrosion House at Tel:  + 44 (0)1604 438222 or Email: