Cathodic Protection, Training, Assessment and Certification Courses are now compliant with BS EN ISO 15257: 2017

This International Certification Scheme evaluates the competence levels of cathodic protection personnel in accordance with BS EN ISO 15257:2017.  ICorr offers the following courses to provide the necessary training for the Certification Levels.  The award of Certification is based on both the training and the experience of the candidate

Courses Schedule 2019

  • Cathodic Protection Data Collector/Tester On-Land Metallic Structure – Level 1: Coming in July 2019
  • Cathodic Protection Technician On-Land Metallic Structure Level 2 location: IMechE ARL Training Centre Sheffield: W/C 20th May 29th July, 9th Sept, 11th November
  • Cathodic Protection Senior Technician On-Land Metallic Structure Level 3 Location: IMechE ARL Training Centre Sheffield: W/C: 24th June 26th Aug 28th October
  • Cathodic Protection Technician Reinforce Concrete Level 2 Location: IMechE ARL Training Centre Sheffield: W/C: 2nd September
  • Cathodic Protection Senior Technician Reinforce Concrete Level 3 Location; Sheffield: TBA
  • Cathodic Protection Technician Marine Metallic Structure Level 2 Location: Dover W/C: 17 June More TBA: East Coast and Scotland
  • Cathodic Protection Senior Technician Marine Metallic Structure Marine Level 3 Expected July on wards TBA: East Coast, South Coast and Scotland

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Course and examination enquiries

For more information regarding the course please contact our training partner IMechE Argyll Ruane

Tel: +44 (0)114 399 5720 or


For Steel in Concrete the CPA

Certification enquiries

For all queries regarding Certification and Re-Certification please access the Institute of Corrosion web site:   All Certification and Re-Certification Application Forms along with Guidance Notes can be downloaded from this page.

If you need any specific assistance please contact the Institute of Corrosion at Corrosion House at Tel:  + 44 (0)1604 438222 or Email:

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