Corporate Membership

Congratulations to BP for becoming our first Corporate Member

Why become a Corporate Member?

Benefits of Corporate Member include:

  • The option to have as many employees as required in the program (the minimum number is 5).
  • Each corporate member receives a copy of the Institutes Corrosion Magazine (6 copies/year)
  • Advertising in Corrosion Management Magazine and on the ICorr Website free of charge.
  • Access to Career Development & Progression Programmes (CDPP) and to the Institute’s Online Resources and Libraries.
  • Discount of 10% on all Conferences and Symposia and selected ICorr Training courses.
  • A table for 10 guests at the annual Christmas luncheon.

    Note:  Corporate members can be at any level of ICorr membership – we simply use the Fellow rate for simplicity.

How much does it cost to join?

The cost of this prestigious sponsorship is based on the number of employees and is calculated as follows:  Number employees (minimum of 5) x ICorr Fellow fee x 2.5.

How to join?

To join the Corporate Membership scheme send an email to: