Sustaining Company Membership

Join the largest community of Corrosion professionals in the UK and access all the resources, skills and opportunities you need to develop your career

Why become a Sustaining Company Member?

Sustaining Company Membership is rapidly increasing in popularity.  Apart from the prestige value and increased exposure that a company or organisation receives from this form of membership, it also offers increased marketing opportunities.  There are two grades, Sustaining Membership and Gold Sustaining Membership.

Your company will join a growing number of influential companies and organisations who see Sustaining Membership of the Institute as a valuable business tool, as well as an opportunity to express support for the premier Corrosion Institute.

  • Free Case Study to appear in Corrosion Management Magazine periodically
  • Free Listing in every issue of Corrosion Management Magazine
  • Free Nomination of two staff as Affiliates of the Institute (who would not qualify for Professional membership)
  • Free use of ICorr logo on your company literature and advertising
  • Free ICorr crested Certificate of Company membership for public display at your premises
  • Free source guide listing on our web page
  • Reduced rates on advertising in Corrosion Management

How much does it cost to join?

Company membership is £396.00 plus VAT

Additionally for Gold Sustaining Member

Gold membership rate £766.00 + VAT
Free Nomination of three staff as Affiliates of the Institute
Gold Sustaining Member Icon on listing on our Website
Gold Sustaining Member badge on magazine listing

How to Join ICorr


Join Online

Complete the application form below and pay for your subscription online, Your application will be processed at Head Office and you will receive your membership pack in due course.

Download Application Form

Download the appropriate application form and send your completed application to Head office to be processed. Once approved you will receive your membership pack in the post.