Highways England NHSS 19A Training Administrator

ICorr Appointed as a Training Administrator

The committee responsible for Sector Scheme 19A is pleased to announce the appointment of the Institute of Corrosion as Training Administrator for the scheme. The role of the Training Administrator will be to review and approve training schemes that enable people to be trained and certificated in coating application and coating inspection. Where Sector Scheme 19A applies, this will mean that the work associated with the application of protective coatings to steelwork in transportation structures is undertaken and inspected by properly trained and competent personnel. In turn this will contribute to ensuring the long life of any coating applied to protect structures from corrosion.

The introduction of the Training Administrator for the scheme introduces the possibility that in the future other applicator training schemes will be available to contractors looking to get their personnel trained to meet the Sector Scheme’s requirements. This will introduce more choice and potential efficiencies where contractors are currently driven to adopt different training schemes to meet differing client requirements.

Under the new arrangements skills cards issued by training schemes approved and registered by the Training Scheme provider will bear the NHSS 19A logo demonstrating that the training meets the Sector Scheme’s requirements. Existing skills cards issued by registered training schemes will continue to be accepted until the expiry date shown on the card. Personnel certificated under the new arrangements will receive skills cards direct from the training providers, bearing the NHSS 19A logo and the Institute of Corrosion Crest. The existence of existing cards will naturally phase out as they expire.

Agents responsible for overseeing the application of coatings to transportation infrastructure where NHSS 19A applies need to continue to check people have the correct skills cards, but be aware that there may well be a number of acceptable cards going forwards.