The Industrial Coatings Applicator Apprenticeship

Welcome to the Industrial Coatings Applicator Apprenticeship

The Industrial coatings applicator apprenticeship is one of the most important new developments for the industrial coatings market in the UK.

The apprenticeship was initiated through the determination of the Highways England 19A committee as the lead employer but only came to fruition because of the hard work and dedication of Martin Hillyard and his team at Jack Tighe Ltd.

The 1st apprenticeship ever for our industry in the UK commenced in January 2019 and concluded in August 2020 with the culmination of the End point assessment (EPA) which will be conducted by a collaboration between BINDT and the Institute of Corrosion.

This is a momentous point in the development of the Protective Coatings business in the UK and brings massive benefit to the industry;

  • For the first time we have young people coming into our industry that have been properly and formally trained in all aspects of protective coating.
  • The apprenticeship uses an extended version of the ICATS programme which has been the bedrock for the apprentices and driven expertly by Jack Tighe training manager John Whitaker.
  • The apprentices will finish their 18 months as an ICATS Time Served Apprentice with an extremely high level of competence and employability.
  • The industry now has the opportunity to make a step change in the competence of protective coating application through a dedicated and rigerrous training programme starting right from the beginning of a persons career.
  • This opportunity gives young people an opportunity to enter a career working on iconic structures around the world. The accreditation achieved will be recognised in all industries the world over should the apprentices wish to take advantage of the opportunity. 

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Apprenticeship – End Point Assessment (EPA)

The Industrial Coating Applicator Apprenticeship 2020/21 concluded in June 2021 with their EPA at the Jack Tighe Foxs Hills facility in Scunthorpe. Each of the 7 Apprentices completed a formal professional interview in the morning and a practical examination in the...

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