Structure of the Institute of Corrosion

The Institute of Corrosion is a Registered Charity, run by professionals and volunteers from Industry and Academia


Icorr Structure

Council Members

The business of the Institute of Corrosion is governed by the Council and run on a day-to-day basis by the Trustees. The President, Trustees and Council members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which usually takes place in November. The Council is chaired by the President, supported by the Vice President and Immediate Past President, giving these officers 6 years of service to ensure continuity.

Council Members

Trustees / Directors

President: Stephen Tate

Vice President: Yunnan Gao

Immediate Past President: Bill Hedges

Honorary Treasurer: Tony Collins

Honorary Secretary: Jane Lomas


Chair PDTC (Professional  Development & Training Committee): David Horrocks

Chair PAC (Professional Assessment Committee): Paul Lambert

Chair TAC (Training Administrator Committee): Lucia Fullalove

Chair CSD (Corrosion Science Division): Julian Wharton

Chair CED (Corrosion Engineering Division): Danny Burkle

Chair Young ICorr: James McGladdery


Chair Aberdeen Branch: Muhammad Ejaz

Chair London Branch: Polina Zabelina

Chair Midlands Branch: Bill Whittaker

Chair North East Branch: Matt Fletcher

Chair North West Branch: Greg Brown

Chair Yorkshire Branch: Richard Green


Technical Editor Corrosion Management: Brian Goldie


Co-Opted Council Members

Richard Edwards

John Fletcher

Don Harrop

David Harvey

Gareth Hinds

Brenda Peters

George Winning

Brian Wyatt

Past Presidents

C.L. Wilson (BACE) 1962/63

J.O. Galloway (BACE) 1964/65

H.T. Boga 1966/67/68

T.P. Hoar 1969/70

S. Leach 1971/72

H.G. Cole 1973/74

G. Wood 1975/76

J. Morgan 1977/78

K. Chandler 1978/79

G. Wood 1979/80

J. Morgan 1980/81

D. Bayliss 1981/82

R. Parkins 1982/83

I. Menzies 1983/84

D. Geary 1984/85

J. Bown 1985/87

B. Wyatt 1987/89

J. Scully 1989/91

D. Norman 1991/93

D. Harrop 1993/95

F. Palmer 1995/96

B. Cox 1996/98

R. Edyvean 1998/2000

J.T. O'Shea 2001/02

D.H. Deacon 2002/04

S. Lyon 2004/06

B. Peters 2006/08

P. Lambert 2008/10

R.F. Crundwell 2010/12

T.C. Osborne 2012/14

J.F. Fletcher 2014/16

F.S. Vasey 2016/18

G. Hinds 2018/20

B. Hedges 2020/22

S. Tate 2022/24