Why become a Branch Company Sponsor?

Local Branch Sponsorship is a popular option for companies with a strong local presence and wishing to support their local community of Corrosion professionals.  ICorr Branches are the roots of our organisation with strong Technical programmes and links to local Colleges and Universities. Apart from the prestige value and increased exposure that a company or organisation receives from this form of sponsorship, it also offers increased networking opportunities and access to Branch Committee Teams who can assist with reviewing proposed Presentations and preparing Technical Articles for publication in Corrosion Management Magazine.

Your company will join a growing number of influential companies and organisations who see Branch Company Sponsorship of the Institute as the best tool for their local needs, as well as an opportunity to express support for the premier Corrosion Institute.

Benefits of Branch Company Sponsorship include: Local Contacts/Local Knowledge Sharing, assistance with Sources of Information, access to Academia and regular Technical Programmes, especially in the Aberdeen and London Branches.

How much does it cost?

Local Branch Sponsorship is £300.00 + VAT

How to Sponsor

Sponsor Online

Complete the application form and pay for your sponsorship online. Your application will be processed at Head Office and the relevant Branch will be notified in due course.