Apprenticeship – End Point Assessment (EPA)

The Industrial Coating Applicator Apprenticeship 2020/21 concluded in June 2021 with their EPA at the Jack Tighe Foxs Hills facility in Scunthorpe.

Each of the 7 Apprentices completed a formal professional interview in the morning and a practical examination in the afternoon witnessed by the 2 EPA assessors.

All of the students passed with Distinction and are a great credit to both DN Colleges and Jack Tighe Ltd.

In the interview with Alan Jones the Contracts Manager he informed us that the Apprentices from the 2020 intake are earning money for JTL already which is a great turn round in a short period of time.

From L – R: Danny Lings, Sonny Burnett, Samuel Proctor, Rici Short, Shaun Watkins, Filip Wajda, Kian Power Front row: Alfie Dunn, John Whittaker


Shaun Watkins – Distinction

Shaun is currently working in the factory spraying materials such as Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 400 which has been used on walkways and bridges.

He has been working on epoxy intumescent materials sprayed by the SW approved applicator but then finished off by roller to obtain a smooth finish. He has also been working on tank internals/externals and footbridges. His next ambition is to master the art of grit blasting.

Samuel Proctor – Distinction

Samuel is currently working on site in Portsmouth and has been working on the aircraft carriers Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth as well as HMS Duncan HMS Westminster end HMS Hurworth. He has confined space training and has been working in the ballast tanks. He’s also been applying non-skid deck paint to the flight-decks.

Prior to the Apprenticeship Samuel worked on a pig farm where he would often have to start but 2:30 AM. He’s extremely enthusiastic and sees protective coatings as a career, he would like to travel and get to the next level.

Rici Short – Distinction

Rici was working in a vape shop which he considered to be a dead end with no career and is very enthusiastic about the protective coatings industry. He is the third generation in his family to work for Jack Tighe Ltd and often has great stories from his grandad. Rici works in the factory mainly in the blast pen where they use 2½ millimetre steel shot but he has used olivine and garnet for smaller specific jobs. He has also been working on the application of epoxy PFP and has an applicator card from Jotun.

He would like to gain the experience of site work as his next stage of progression.

Danny Lings – Distinction

Danny has been working out on site at Dow Corning in South Wales and on the Snodland train bridge and would like the experience of working in the factory.

Danny has had some really good experience and enjoys his work immensely. In the practical work Danny excelled and had a very high focus on health and safety.

Kian Power – Distinction

Kian has been working mainly in Scotland on the SSE pen stocks although he has been working on crude oil tanks at Killingholme which resulted in a very interesting discussion about the use of primers and solvent free coatings for internal tank lining.

Kian really enjoys his work and demonstrated excellent health and safety, teamwork and leadership skills through the practical examination.

Filip Wajda – Distinction

Filip is interested to stay within the factory environment and is looking to learn more about the whole process.

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