Your New VP

Your New VP

Yunnan and l would like to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey to date. The November AGM was a very proud moment for us both and we look forward to working with you all over the next 2 years.

Your New VP

Together, Yunnan Gao and myself will make a great Team, ready for the challenge with ICorr.

  • CEng, CSci, FIMMM, FICorr
  • Active Aberdeen Branch
  • 2 x Branch Chair
  • Extensive Energy Experience
  • UK and Overseas
  • Working for BP Solutions
  • Sunbury, UK

ICorr has a very Active Programme. Several Key Events have already taken place showing the strength of ICorr nationally.

Our magnificent YEP Competition of 24th November and supporting Programme was brilliantly managed by Hooman Takhtechian and the Aberdeen Branch Committee.

With special thanks to our Key Sponsor (BP), all our YEP Mentors, Judges, Case Study Lead and Huge congratulations to our Winning Team 5!

The London Branch Dinner of 1st December, now in its 33rd Year was greatly oversubscribed this time around. Those that were able to attend enjoyed a Fantastic Event in fabulous surroundings and company. Special thanks are due to Steve Barke and Polina Zabelina.

Into the Christmas Spirit were also our Young ICorr Team. A very enjoyable Quiz ably organised by Danny and James followed by the Annual Presidents Talk covering 42yrs in the Energy sector by Stephen. The work of Young ICorr continues to impress us now under its New Chair James McGladdery.

At Newcastle last week, our North-East Branch relaunched with a very well attended Event at the Institute of Mining Building on 15th December which was greatly enjoyed by all. Many thanks are due to the New NE Branch Committee, and we look forward to their June 2023 Conference – “INTEGRITY ENGINEERING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”.

The Institute of Corrosion has changed in many ways since our Foundation in 1959. What has not changed is the dedication of its members to the cause and work of ICorr, which is operated almost exclusively operated by Volunteers. We have grown recently to nearly 1600 Members with an active Overseas involvement in Technical Programmes.

We want to pay tribute especially at this time to Bill Hedges our retiring President who has taken us on a very difficult journey over the past 2 years through the Pandemic. Bill will continue to support us through Trustees alongside Chris Williams on our Quality Assurance Systems and Engineering Course Development. We are both very grateful for this. That ICorr is now recovering is due in much part to intense efforts in the reorganisation and expansion of our Training Services across many different areas under the guidance of our CPGB / STGB leads, PDTC and David Mobbs, the respective ICorr Training Scheme Managers – John Fletcher and Bill Whittaker and the tremendous work by Correx / ICATS under Kevin Harold and Lucia Fullalove with ABRACO.

We must also thank all our HQ Staff and Council, our Team of Trustees and Gareth Hinds and Paul Lambert for their continuing support guiding the Membership and PAC Committees with much hard work behind the scenes. During Covid our ICorr Branch Chairs pulled out all the stops, adapting to our new situation and offering very polished Technical Programmes Online. These were very well attended and greatly appreciated by our Overseas Members. Our Corrosion Science and Engineering Divisions have put on some tremendous Events in 2022 in Edinburgh and York. With special thanks to Julian Wharton and Brenda Peters, alongside our new Chairs in CED – Danny Burkle from Young ICorr and Steve Paterson from the YEP Programme.

As we go forward now, let us remember all that have gone before us and the good Foundations they have laid for us. We are saying goodbye shortly to Brian Goldie who has served us extremely well as our Magazine Editor and taken it to new heights with some great Technical Articles and Features. Many thanks also to Trevor Osbourne, Past President and initiator of our New Headquarters and David Horrocks, our long-standing PDTC Chair who will unfortunately be stepping down at Year end. Last but not least’ Tony Collins our Honorary Treasurer for an amazing 30 years!

Further challenges will arise of course, but provided we continue to work together the Institute can only grow stronger.

ICorr’s relevance to the World has never been stronger as we look to protect our existing Infrastructure and make our new Infrastructure more sustainable.

Please all have a Great, Safe and Enjoyable Holiday, away from your normal duties, wherever you may be with your Family and Friends.

With our Very Best Wishes

Stephen and Yunnan




Key Duties – The Editor has to collates and edits all Magazine copy from all ICorr sources, e.g. Division/Branch/Working Group, plus any industry news from our Sustaining members or editorial services.

The Magazine Editor must regularly recruit technical articles to meet the editorial calendar and review them for technical accuracy and edit to fit available space alongside any Advertising or other Notices.

Please apply to: President with your CV and a covering letter saying why you would like to undertake this partially remunerated position.

Closing Date of Friday 20 January 2023