ICorr Aberdeen Branch – Corrosion Awareness Day 2018, (Emerson Automation Solutions)

The Annual Aberdeen CAD Event this year took place at the Training Centre of our Key Sponsor – Emerson Solutions Automation, who generously provided numerous Training Materials, expert Technical Demonstrations and of course some first class Catering.
Our Attendees (45 in all) came from across many different Industries and from many areas of the UK, skilfully co-ordinated by Denise Aldous and Gwynneth Moore at ICorr HQ.
As in previous years, all our Aberdeen Branch Sponsors were invited to send 2 representatives each and there were additionally 20 fee paying attendees who confirmed the event as being excellent value for money

Delegates and Trainers of the 2018 Aberdeen Corrosion Awareness Day, at the Emerson Training
Facility, Dyce with Andy Young (Site Team Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions) in centre.

The Event had 2 Key Objectives:
1). To assist in the development of those unfamiliar with Corrosion Prevention Issues.

2). To raise funds for ICorr, to maintain its ongoing Education Programmes / Events.

In what was a very busy programme, delegates were treated to an excellent mix of Theory and Practical Demonstrations, along with many Exhibits of failed Metallic Components, Coatings and of course a few more modern, Non-Corrodable options.

List of Speakers:

1 – Dr Odagboyi Philip Enegela, Ceng, MIMMM, MICorr, (Repsol Sinopec).

2 – Dr Muhammad Ejaz, CEng FIMMM, MICorr, MPIE, (PIM).

3 – Dr Carol Devine, BSc, PhD, (ICR Integrity).

4 – Dr Nigel Owen, B.Sc D.I.C, Ph.D, MIMMM, (Aberdeen Foundries).

 5 – Stephen Tate, MBA, PG. Dip. Eng, MICorr (CAN/TEPUK).

6 – Hooman Takhtechian, MSc, CEng, MIMMM, (Oceaneering).

7 – Chris Burke, BEng (Hons), MIET, (Emerson Automation Solutions).

8 – Fiona Butters, BA (Hons), (Emerson – Roxar), supported by Ionut Cadar (Emerson Corrosion Solutions Central & Eastern Europe).

 9 – John Thomson, (Emerson – Rosemount).

10 – Steven Healy, (Emerson – Flow Solutions).

11 – Chris Burke, BEng (Hons), MIET, (Emerson – Permasense).

A short CAD Test closed the day, with all delegate’s achieving over 75% pass rate.
Members of the ICorr Aberdeen Committee provided all the morning lectures, with a comprehensive programme covering, Principles and Costs of Corrosion, Corrosion Modelling, Bacterial Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Materials and RBI – Risk Based Inspection.

The afternoon session was purposely designed to complement the morning session, with demonstrations of all types of Process Control Instrumentation by the Emerson Technical Team – Compositional, Flow, Pressure and Temperature Measurement (for Corrosion Modelling Inputs), Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Devices of all Types and Non-Intrusive Clamp-on and Magnetic NDT Devices for Wall Thickness Monitoring. All the above instruments provide valuable data for CRA’s – Corrosion Risk Assessments and RBI / Schemes of Examination.

The range of Metallic Materials and Non-Metallic Substitutes on Display, including In-service Failed Components from UK Offshore Production Facilities and many Onshore Applications

Preceding the Demonstrations was a very interesting talk on the full range of Automation Solutions, many now available as APPS for Mobile Devices.
It was very evident, that increasingly the trend is towards data being supplied directly to the Corrosion Engineer, giving them far greater control than was ever possible previously and the development of software programmes that support risk assessments and FFS – Fitness for Service activities. These new ways of working are still supported when required, by data feeds and longer-term trends from conventional DCS – process control systems / panels.

Dr Philip Enegela (Repsol Sin0pec) enthusiastically opened proceedings with insights into Natural Corrosion Behaviours

Dr Muhammad Ejaz (Plant Integrity Management) captured all the key aspects of CO2, H2S and O2 Corrosion Modelling

Dr Carol Devine (ICR Integrity), introduced us to the fascinating world of Bug Growth and Microbial Management

Dr Nigel Owen (Aberdeen Foundries) took us further into the Marine World with his specialist knowledge of CP Systems Supply and the ‘day to day’ operations of an Alloy Foundry.

Stephen Tate (CAN/TEPUK), co-ordinated the 2018 CAD Event on behalf of the Aberdeen ICorr Committee and presented on the theme of In-Service Materials Failures and Site Detailing.

Hooman Takhtechian (Oceaneering), took us into the complex World of Corrosion Risk Management and RBI – Risk based Inspection

Chris Burke (Emerson – Permasense) introduced us all, to Modern Process Automation and Measurement Methods

Fiona Butters (Emerson – Roxar) and Ionut Cadar (Emerson Corrosion Solutions Central & Eastern Europe) neatly explained the concepts of Advanced Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring

Advanced Process Instrumentation and Flow Measurement being demonstrated by Steven Healy (Emerson – Flow Solutions)

John Thomson Pressure Temp Presentation

John Thomson (Emerson – Rosemount) explained, the many options and principles of Pressure and Temperature Process Control

Afternoon – One to One Discussions in the Emerson Workshops with Chris Burke (Emerson – Permasense)

The day finished with Certificates of Appreciation being issued to all the contributing speakers and CPD Certificates being issued to all attendees followed by a vote of thanks to our excellent hosts Emerson, to whom ICorr Aberdeen is extremely grateful for all their financial support, to its 2018 CAD Event.

At the Close of Play, thanks were given to all of the days Speakers, Dr Carol Devine (ICR Integrity) receives her Certificate of Appreciation from CAD Chair Stephen Tate (CAN/TEPUK)

All the day’s slides may be found under “2018/2019 ICorr Aberdeen Presentations” Folder on our Site.

ICorr Committee have also obtained all the shared photographs from the day and saved them under ICorr Aberdeen Event Online Album at:

Next year’s Aberdeen CAD Event is now in preparation and will take place at the Palm Court Hotel next year, kindly sponsored by Rosen, (now incorporating Macaw).

Meanwhile, Emerson Permasense will present on the theme ‘Optimising Plant Integrity and Solids Control through Continuous Non-Intrusive Wall Thickness Monitoring’ at Robert Gordon University (RGU) Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7AQ, 6pm on 30/10/2018.