Affiliate Membership

Join the largest community of Corrosion professionals in the UK and access all the resources, skills and opportunities you need to develop your career

Interested in becoming a member of ICorr?

Anyone with an interest in corrosion can join as an Affiliate; and subsequently with suitable qualifications/experience become a Professional member, which entitles the use of TICorr, MICorr or FICorr as letters after your name.


Affiliate Benefits

  • Boost your career and salary prospects with our internationally recognised professional qualifications such as Technician and Inspector courses
  • Enhance your professional status with FICorr, MICorr, TICorr
  • Develop your career by engaging with our Route to Chartered Status programme
  • Develop links with business and professional bodies who have similar interests
  • Enjoy the support of an enthusiastic and experienced organisation
  • Participate in the advancement of corrosion control in all its forms
  • Encourage and participate in Branch and Divisional activities
  • Take advantage of a regular free journal and reduced fees for attendance at Institute seminars, conferences and exhibitions etc.
  • Keep up to date with corrosion and corrosion control activities

How much does it cost to join?

Affiliate membership is £80.00 for the year with a registration fee of £15.00 for all new applications.

January – March Applications

Applications submitted between 1st January and 31st March (i.e. in the second half of the subscription year) need submit only half the annual rate plus the full Registration fee of £15 (i.e. £55.00 for Affiliate Members). 

How to Join ICorr

Join Online

Complete the online application form and pay for your subscription online, Your application will be processed at Head Office and you will receive your membership pack in due course.

Download Application Form

Download the appropriate application form and send your completed application to Head office to be processed. Once approved you will receive your membership pack in the post.