Young Engineers Programme

The May meeting of the Young Engineers programme was held at the CB&I offices in London on the 16th May. The topic was coatings which was presented by David Mobbs and was warmly received by the enthusiastic audience. The presentation covered the high priority areas of coating including the requirement to qualify products to standards, the standards and what they mean, the testing methods required to achieve this qualification, and also looked at some case histories of coating applications good and bad.

Prior to the presentation the case study for the programme was presented to the delegates by Richard Carroll of Shell, who highlighted the importance of working together in the teams to deliver the required information as detailed in the document. In a change to previous years there will be only one case study for all the teams with each team giving a presentation in a competition to be delivered at the November ICorr London branch meeting.
This year the case study covers a number of areas in which the students are being trained including, materials, coatings, CP, failures, and the management of change. The mentors this year are John Boran, Rob Doggert and Chris Googan, and the teams will meet their mentors in the coming weeks to get started on the case study. A Linkedin page and drop box, have been set up for the teams to help them with this process.
The next meeting on Painting, Fire Protection and Linings will take place on the 29th June again being held at CB&I offices on London.

Again we would like to thank our hosts CB&I especially Sadegh Parvisi for organising the venue, our sponsors BP and our speakers, organising committee and delegates without whom we would not be able to stage this event.

New Sustaining Member

Adler & Allan Cathodic Protection and Protective Coatings

Adler & Allan’s corrosion protection division provides specialist services and expertise in the application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), Sacrificial Anode Systems, and surge prevention. They have a team of qualified cathodic protection engineers with over 25 years’ experience, providing specialist corrosion protection services globally to numerous industries including the water industry and the ministry of defence (MoD), covering feasibility studies, engineering design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Their fast acting polymer coatings are some of the toughest and most durable protective coatings available in the industry and offer a complete solution to containment and compliance. The coatings are waterproof, hydrocarbon resistant, and designed to add structural integrity to any surface. They are fast drying and withstand expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures, and can be used for practically any external or internal surface, protecting key assets against deterioration, degradation, and structural weakness.

Adler & Allan’s cathodic protection combined with their polyurea coating services are designed to provide protection that is guaranteed (via warranty) to significantly extend the life of critical assets, and prevent leaks and corrosion, providing the best solutions for their clients.

2018 CEOCOR Congress

The 2018 Congress, organised by ICorr, was held in Stratford last month. This was a fantastic success, with 150 delegates, the highest attendance ever in CEOCOR, and 25 exhibitors. Welcoming speeches were made by ICorr President, Sarah Vasey, Ceocor President, Brian Wyatt, and Darren Thomas, the Asset Engineering Manager of National Grid, the Platinum Sponsor for the Congress.

The congress hall full of delegates.

The congress hall full of delegates.

Commitments were made by several UK companies to Join CEOCOR , and there was the likelihood of increased cooperation between ICorr, Pipeline Industry Guild and CEOCOR regarding corrosion in the Water Industry.
A full report on the congress will be published in the next issue.


The good news is that the market is booming, new projects are on the horizon in Highways, Rail, Nuclear, and with an increase in the oil price which will release funds for projects in the Oil & Gas sector. Unfortunately, there is an anticipated skills shortage, which is where ICATS can help. This is reinforced by Paul Wolstencroft, a Director at Jack Tighe Ltd, who commented “Jack Tighe were one of the early operators to adopt the ICATS Training programme and have just completed their 9 year reviews. We have studied the value of the course and can state that since introducing the ICATS training in 2008 our re-work in 2017 was virtually zero. The work force is happier because they feel even more valued. The saving to Tighe is a substantial amount, and we are planning to strengthen the advantages of the ICATS scheme in the future.”
There are upcoming courses for ICATS Company Trainer and Supervisor at the Correx office in Northampton, or you can use one of the ICATS Approved Training Providers around the country to have your people trained ahead of
the shortage.

Company Trainer Course

The next Company Trainer Course will be held on 26th and 27th June 2018 in Northampton, please call the Correx office on 01604 438222, or download the application form on the website,

Supervisor Course

The next Supervisor course will be held on 10th and 11th July 2018 also in Northampton. The application form can be downloaded from our website under the Supervisors Module tab, or places can be booked by calling the Correx office.

Approved Training Centres

The ICATS approved Training Centres are appointed to provide training for ICATS registered companies that wish to use their services. If it’s not possible for your staff to attend the Training Centre, arrangements can be made for the trainers to come to you if numbers are sufficient. We have 7 Training Centres situated in convenient locations around the UK.
Jack Tighe Ltd East England
Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd Cumbria
MJ Services Ltd NE England
Paintel Ltd SW England
Offshore Painting Services Ltd NW England
Stream Marine Training Scotland
Wardle Painters Ltd S Wales
Full details of the ICATS Registered Training Centres are listed on our website:, where you can also keep up to date with all the latest ICATS news.

The President Writes ..

The President Writes ..

It has been a very busy few months since I last wrote to you.  I recently returned from a week in Houston where I attended the Offshore Technology Conference, and it was encouraging to see the number of attendees were once again up and people I spoke to all seemed buoyant about the state of the industry.

I have also had the pleasure of attending the CEOCOR conference, which was a wonderful success, with delegate number exceeding our initial expectations, and the level of discussion and debate at the conference was first class.  Our thanks must go to the organizing committee  who have been hard at work on this for over 12 months, also to the CEOCOR Chairman, Brian Wyatt, for partnering with ICorr for such a mutually beneficial event to be held in the UK.  I am sure that this will have helped to cement the working relationship between CEOCOR and ICorr. Undoubtedly the organizing committee will not thank me for this, but if you do have any joint conferences that you would like to work with ICorr on, please let me know.

Another very successful CED Working Day was held by Nick Smart and his committee, and I had the pleasure of presenting the second Paul McIntyre award to the worthy recipient, Dr John Broomfield.

Plans continue to move, under the watchful eye of Trevor Osborne, to a  new permanent home for the Institute, and we are at advanced stages in discussions for a property in Northampton, but as you can all appreciate this is not a done deal until we have the keys in our possession.

PDTC have recently had a lively committee meeting that was kindly hosted at Elecometer, and I do believe that the future of our training offerings looks bright.  All details of upcoming courses are on the website or you can contact the office for more detailed information.  We have a Fundamentals of Corrosion course scheduled for next month.

The passion which is displayed by our volunteers continues to be what drives the Institute forward, and with passion comes strong commitment, which can only advance our aims further.    

Finally there is another PDTC meeting and a Council meeting schedule for next month, and I will update you on the outcome of these in the next issue.

Sarah Vasey, ICorr President

ICorr office will be closed from Thursday 22nd December 2022, and will reopen Tuesday 3rd January 2023