The good news is that the market is booming, new projects are on the horizon in Highways, Rail, Nuclear, and with an increase in the oil price which will release funds for projects in the Oil & Gas sector. Unfortunately, there is an anticipated skills shortage, which is where ICATS can help. This is reinforced by Paul Wolstencroft, a Director at Jack Tighe Ltd, who commented “Jack Tighe were one of the early operators to adopt the ICATS Training programme and have just completed their 9 year reviews. We have studied the value of the course and can state that since introducing the ICATS training in 2008 our re-work in 2017 was virtually zero. The work force is happier because they feel even more valued. The saving to Tighe is a substantial amount, and we are planning to strengthen the advantages of the ICATS scheme in the future.”
There are upcoming courses for ICATS Company Trainer and Supervisor at the Correx office in Northampton, or you can use one of the ICATS Approved Training Providers around the country to have your people trained ahead of
the shortage.

Company Trainer Course

The next Company Trainer Course will be held on 26th and 27th June 2018 in Northampton, please call the Correx office on 01604 438222, or download the application form on the website,

Supervisor Course

The next Supervisor course will be held on 10th and 11th July 2018 also in Northampton. The application form can be downloaded from our website under the Supervisors Module tab, or places can be booked by calling the Correx office.

Approved Training Centres

The ICATS approved Training Centres are appointed to provide training for ICATS registered companies that wish to use their services. If it’s not possible for your staff to attend the Training Centre, arrangements can be made for the trainers to come to you if numbers are sufficient. We have 7 Training Centres situated in convenient locations around the UK.
Jack Tighe Ltd East England
Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd Cumbria
MJ Services Ltd NE England
Paintel Ltd SW England
Offshore Painting Services Ltd NW England
Stream Marine Training Scotland
Wardle Painters Ltd S Wales
Full details of the ICATS Registered Training Centres are listed on our website:, where you can also keep up to date with all the latest ICATS news.