Nippon Paint Marine launches completely new nano antifouling technology

Nippon Paint Marine launches completely new nano antifouling technology

FASTAR is a self-polishing antifouling paint that incorporates a unique nano-domain resin structure designed to minimise the effect that seawater temperatures, vessel speeds, and other external factors have on coating performance. By precisely controlling the release of biocides, Nippon Paint Marine has been able to deliver a high-performing AF system with lower polishing rates, as in general, antifouling performance becomes less reliable when its polishing rate is low.

The resin’s nano-domain structure which derives from the micro-domain structure used in Aquaterras, a biocide-free self-polishing hull coating, allows antifouling components to be accurately delivered and released in a much more precise, controlled and effective way.

Due to the reduced film thickness needed, shipowners applying the new product will benefit from shortened in-dock application and drying times, resulting in further cost savings. The required total minimum drying time at drydock for a large container vessel, for instance, is reduced by a maximum 37%, compared to the length of time needed for other typical coating systems, depending on the actual ambient temperature during application, continued the company.

FASTAR, is available in four main versions – FASTAR I & II and FASTAR XI & XII, of which the latter two products incorporate Nippon Paint’s hydro-gel technology. In addition, Nippon Paint Marine stated that the addition of the hydro-gel gives FASTAR XI & XII the same 8% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as the company’s A-LF-Sea series, which has been applied to more than 3,300 vessels since market introduction.

New water-based, micro-corrosion inhibiting topcoat

New water-based, micro-corrosion inhibiting topcoat

Cortec® Corporation has launched EcoShield® VpCI®-380 topcoat for the industrial market. According to the company, EcoShield® VpCI®-380 is a fast drying, water-based fluoropolymer modified acrylic one-coat system that can be applied direct to metal and provides corrosion protection and weatherability on metals in harsh outdoor environments.

As a water-based fluoropolymer modified acrylic one-coat system it has many special advantages for protection in challenging environments, such as excellent UV resistance colour and gloss retention and resistance to cracking or chipping upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. Its good hardness, moisture resistance, and fast-dry properties make it an excellent choice for air-dry/force-dry industrial finished. It also has good corrosion protection, having passed more than 1,000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray conditions and ASTM D1748 humidity conditions at 100-112.5 µm dft, concluded the company.

New Blasting Machines from Gritco

Gritco has recently announced new additions to their blast machine family – their smallest and largest blasting pots, the MiniPro-Basic and Bulk Series.

According to the company, the MiniPro-Basic, is a compact blasting machine pot, but despite its small dimensions it is equipped with many of their high-quality advantages offering a mature blasting solution for mostly “basic” but also sensitive blasting work. For high production there is the Bulk Series with a volume capability of 500 litres, an adequate filling system and multiple outlets which can be used by two or three blasters or in a (semi) automatic blasting system.

More details of these can be found at,

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd announce the launch new pipeline coating

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd announce the launch new pipeline coating

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd have introduced a new product to the Denso product line, Denso Bore-Wrap™, pipeline coating.

According to the company, Denso Bore-Wrap is an abrasion resistant Outerwrap (ARO) which has outstanding performance against impact, gouge, abrasion, and fracture. It creates a superior sacrificial outer laminate layer, which protects both pre-approved field joint coatings and mainline coatings (such as, liquid epoxy coatings, heat shrink sleeves, 3LPE, 3LPP and FBE coatings) from damage during pipeline installations, in difficult terrain or by means of trenchless installation methods, such as directional drilling, HDD or boring.

Denso Bore-Wrap is easily applied in the field; there is no mixing required, it is simply wrapped over the existing pipeline coating and cured with water. Due to its flexibility and exceptional level of mechanical protection, it minimises the need for costly spot repairs or re-pulling pipe from damage, concluded the company.

Research Project relating to the Science Community’s Views

Research Project relating to the Science Community’s Views

A research project currently underway relating to the science community’s views on the Science Council and registration with the organisation. The Science Council has commissioned York Consulting (YCL), an independent socio-economic research consultancy, to undertake the research.

The Science Council is keen to hear from all members of the science community; those who are Science Council registrants and those who are not. As such, we would appreciate your support in taking part in a short survey.  The survey covers questions on your career history and interest and level of engagement with the Science Council and knowledge and perceptions of its work.

Please follow this link to the survey

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please submit responses by 21st May.

Your contribution will be extremely valuable in helping us understand views on the Science Council, its purpose, aims and values and role in promoting and supporting the science profession. Your feedback will be paramount in helping the Science Council understand what the science community would like to see in terms of its services, activities and the way it communicates and engages with the science community moving forward.

If you have any queries about the research, please contact York Consulting on