Rebranding to Promote the Institute of Corrosion’s Mission

Rebranding to Promote the Institute of Corrosion’s Mission

Supporting Corrosion Professionals Worldwide

In this last article in the series discussing the rebranding of the Institute of Corrosion, you’ll learn about our purpose – why we exist and who we exist for, and how our mission supports the core values and vision of the Institute of Corrosion.

A Global Community of Corrosion Experts

Corrosion is costly and dangerous. Left untended, corrosion causes buildings and bridges to collapse, pipelines to leak, and spillages from industrial plants. Corrosion can lead to fires, flooding, poisoning and air pollution. The more effective our corrosion prevention strategies and techniques become, the safer the world will be.

In the fight against corrosion, collaboration is key. The Institute of Corrosion is the vehicle to drive this collaboration, through its global community of corrosion experts. The sharing of knowledge and expertise aids the innovation and creativity that is needed to develop industry best practice, as we strive for a more environmentally-friendly, safer and more sustainable global infrastructure.

Advancing Science, Technology, and Ideas

In addition to a global community that shares expertise, the Institute of Corrosion assists in corrosion prevention by delivering training that meets the requirements of current standards and leading by example to help advance corrosion science and technology and allowing ideas to flourish.

Through its partners IMechE and Corrodere, the institute offers training courses that ensure scientists, engineers, maintenance staff, inspectors, and all corrosion professionals are competent in the standards and knowledge expected.

The institute also keeps its members updated with the latest advances in best practice. We do this in a variety of ways. As well as ongoing training and CPD, our communication strategy is designed for sharing the Institute of Corrosion’s expertise with the world. Our global reach and digital communication channels combine to ensure that members can network easily and share information and ideas.

Influencing Policy and Decision-Making

The Institute of Corrosion’s expertise, experience, knowledge and global reach places it at the apex of the corrosion prevention industry. This means that the voice of industry experts – your voice – will be heard. At governmental and corporate levels, the expertise we possess in our global community of corrosion experts helps to shape policy and decision-making to extend the lifetime of our infrastructure.

Through the Institute of Corrosion, experts in the field can help to determine policies and decisions that will have a direct impact on society and lead to job creation, lower costs, and the saving of lives.

A Healthier and Safer Environment

As we influence policy and decisions, and as we improve standards in the industry, we will help to drive health and safety in the corrosion industry to create a healthier and safer environment. Scientific and technological advances should improve working practices in the industry, and the institute’s community of corrosion professionals will be central to this.

Career Development and Networking

The provision of training is not the only way in which the Institute of Corrosion helps to advance the industry and your professional development. As a global organisation with a focus on science and engineering, we can provide networking opportunities at regional and global levels, including through NACE.

Our increasingly diverse membership benefits from conferences, workshops and mentoring, as well as our digital assets that allow you to network globally and exchange ideas and information in real time, anywhere in the world.

Indeed, we encourage you to participate, by following us on our social media (such as LinkedIn) and joining in the conversations we have, commenting on the articles we post, and sharing your expertise and knowledge with your digital network of corrosion professionals. Read our blogs, ask questions, and suggest topics that you would like us to tackle.

From students to CEOs, the Institute of Corrosion brings people together, supporting the industry and individuals, facilitating career development, encouraging networking, and driving policy and decision-making.

Our Expert’s View

Caroline Allanach, Project Inspection Engineer/Pressure Systems Integrity Engineer at BP

Caroline Allanach, Project Inspection Engineer/Pressure Systems Integrity Engineer at BP

Caroline Allanach, Project Inspection Engineer/Pressure Systems Integrity Engineer at BP says:

“The Institute of Corrosion provides support and mentoring in the specialist field of corrosion. Given companies often have a small corrosion engineering workforce, this is essential for the industry. Through Young Institute of Corrosion events and specialist training, such as the Young Engineers Programme, it has been great to meet fellow corrosion engineers at similar career stages and share experiences, learning and goals.”

The Institute of Corrosion Is Your Institute

Our focus is on the people who make the corrosion industry so vibrant and innovative. The students, academics, scientists, engineers and maintenance professionals, who together provide the depth and breadth of expertise and experience that drive the industry forward.

Our rebranding enables us to redouble this focus, providing meaningful ways for you to network, develop your career, and share your expertise. As the network grows and the knowledge flows, the benefits to the public will continue to expand – a healthier and safer environment, with sustainable infrastructure, lower costs, and more jobs.

Get involved. To join the Institute of Corrosion and become part of one of the largest networks of corrosion professionals in the world, click here.

Sharing the Institute of Corrosion’s Expertise with the World

Sharing the Institute of Corrosion’s Expertise with the World

Broadening and Deepening the Corrosion Conversation

In line with the Institute of Corrosion’s core values, and as part of our rebranding, you are going to see a very different communication approach. Promoting the prevention of corrosion is essential, and we are going to share our knowledge and expertise with the world.

Corrosion costs the global economy trillions of pounds each year. Indeed, according to the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, corrosion costs the world as much as £4 trillion. Sharing of expertise will enable huge strides to be made in the war against corrosion.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the ways the Institute of Corrosion will be sharing information with the world, and what you can do to help.

If it Isn’t Accessible, it Isn’t Communication

The world must have serious conversations about corrosion. To do so, it is the duty of the Institute of Corrosion to promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise in language that is accessible to all. To achieve this, we will:

  • Make information clear and easy to understand
  • Communicate through channels that people use
  • Provide opportunity for feedback

Providing Information That is Clear and Easy to Understand

Mike Pettigrew, author of The Most Powerful Goal Achievement System in the World, says that he believes “the greatest crime is to learn something that can significantly benefit other people, yet share it with no one”.

For the message to be shared it must be understood. We’re committed to providing people with clear, high-quality, and easy-to-understand communication. Clear and concise language is stronger, more effective, and accessible to a wider audience.

Importantly, clear language ensures understanding. There is less room for misinterpretation. If recipients of communication feel the need to ask clarifying questions, the communicator isn’t doing their job properly.

Communicating through Channels That People Use

It is crucial that we broaden the conversation about corrosion to be more inclusive. We have strong relationships with other corrosion organisations, such as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC). Our collaborative approach with such kindred bodies helps to drive innovation within the corrosion industry.

Our membership can have a strong voice in the industry, but we must enable them to have this voice. To do so, we are broadening and deepening the ways in which we communicate, making them more accessible and more appropriate.

You’ll find it easier to access the institute and participate in the conversation about corrosion as we extend our digital and other communication methods:

  • Our website is getting an overhaul. It’s going to be clean, sleek, innovative and reflective of the rebranded and new Institute of Corrosion.
  • We will post blogs regularly, keeping you informed of the latest developments in corrosion prevention, training and development opportunities, and industry strategies and methods.
  • Our social media reach will be more vigorous, inviting an active community to share their knowledge, ask questions, and help to shape direction of the industry.
  • In print, you’ll notice our rebranding take shape immediately. The look and ‘feel’ of our printed material will resonate with the rebranding of the Institute of Corrosion – from letterheads to the Corrosion Management magazine and all printed communication between.

When the institute communicates with the world, it will use appropriate language and appropriate channels to do so. For example, our digital communications will be easily understood by all, while the Corrosion Management magazine will continue to provide in-depth technical coverage of our industry.

Providing Opportunity for Feedback

As experts and educators, we feel it is critical to give our members a real voice in the world. As part of our responsibility to our community, our communication strategy is to establish a network in which we and you can share best practice, access expertise, and solve problems.

We invite and welcome feedback, through our social media accounts, on our website and blogs, by email, or by picking up the phone. The Institute of Corrosion is your institute. The membership is your network. Feel free to ask any questions you have, and answer any queries you can. Exchange of information is key to sharing our collective expertise with the world.

We Need You! Help to Shape the Direction of the Corrosion Prevention Industry.

Here at the Institute of Corrosion, our voice in the world must reflect the views, opinions, concerns and expertise of our members. Thus, we have designed our communication strategy to be inclusive.

We invite you to participate in the conversation. Send us your questions. Let us know what you feel needs to be discussed. Share your expertise, experience and knowledge with the institute’s network, and share and repost our blogs, LinkedIn posts, and other social media posts.

The voice of the Institute of Corrosion is your voice. Let it be heard! Get involved.

Our Expert’s View

Don Harrop, a previous president and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion since 2001, and co-author of Corrosion and Materials in Hydrocarbon Production: A Compendium of Operational and Engineering Aspects, says:

“Corrosion can be a costly oversight – typically between 2% to 4% of a country’s annual GGP. This figure is largely unchanged over the last 60 years, as the demands that society and industry place on the performance and availability/reliability of infrastructure, equipment, and facilities continue to increase with the rapid advancements in technology and ‘can-do’.

“We live in a cost-conscious world where health, safety and environmental regulations rightly become ever more rigorous.  Corrosion has a global presence that all too easily can unexpectedly or unintentionally be awoken. Managing corrosion effectively can sometimes feel like a lonely and isolated pursuit where often the “devil is in the detail”.  Thus, it is paramount in today’s virtually connected world that ease and access to, and timely sharing of, the breadth and depth of the Institute of Corrosion’s expertise is readily available 24/7 – from providing reassurance, identifying a quick fix, to deep rooted experience-based support and guidance.”

In our next article, the last in this series introducing the rebranding of the Institute of Corrosion, we will discuss rebranding to promote the Institute of Corrosion Mission. In the meantime, to learn more about the Institute and the lead it is taking in the global corrosion prevention industry, contact us today.

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Welcome to the New Institute of Corrosion

Welcome to the New Institute of Corrosion

Putting Members at the Heart of the Global Corrosion Prevention Conversation

The Institute of Corrosion is moving with the times. We’re refreshing our strategy and becoming more approachable. We’re modernising, to ensure that the voice of our global community of corrosion professionals is heard, as we seek to drive forward the best practice in corrosion prevention.

How Is the Institute of Corrosion Moving Forward?

We’ve listened to our members and other professionals in the field of corrosion prevention, and taken stock of the corrosion industry. In reaction, we’re improving how we do things. We’re rebranding to help put our members at the heart of the global corrosion conversation.

Why Is the Institute of Corrosion Brand so Important?

It’s crucial that our brand speaks to our audience, and that we create and fulfil a positive set of expectations. The Institute of Corrosion brand will be how we look, how we are heard, and how we are perceived. It will reflect and drive our reputation, and the reputation of our members and the industry we serve.

How Is the Institute of Corrosion Delivering its New Brand?

Our rebranding will be visual, but the most crucial factors of brand are not limited to logos and typography. Brand is much deeper.

The Institute of Corrosion will deliver its brand consistently. Of course, this means that we want to strike a chord visually, but you will also notice a step change in how we communicate. We’re increasing our digital presence, and we want all our members and the public to become involved.

We want to ignite the conversation about how to prevent corrosion, helping people to understand why it should be one of the world’s most talked about subjects. Our message, what we do, and how we do it will be guided by our core values – the heart and soul of the Institute of Corrosion brand.

Our brand will also reflect our growing network of students, academics, scientists, and engineering and maintenance professionals.

We will be encouraging greater participation, starting with an exciting opportunity to have your winning photo featured in the Institute of Corrosion rebrand launch. Read the competition guidelines, and send your photo entry to us by 14th February. Your entry could be featured on the cover of the rebranded Corrosion Management magazine – and you could also win an iPad.

The Institute of Corrosion Rebrand – What Will You Notice Immediately?

The visual elements of our rebrand will be what you notice first, but there’s much more to come.  Here’s a little taster of what you’ll see initially with the rebranding:

  • Our brandmark is evolving to reflect the spirit of the Institute of Corrosion. It’s a strong, graphic device, with overlapping colours in a powerful shape to depict the beauty and strength of clean, corrosion-free metal. Over time, we hope that our brandmark will become as iconic as that of Coca-Cola, Virgin, Shell or McDonald’s.
  • Our typography is changing. Typeface will be clean, modern and unique.
  • Our digital presence is going to be ignited. Our rebranding will extend to a more focused and consistent digital realm. You’ll notice the difference in our website and social media assets. We’re going to be more active, and encourage you all to contribute and participate.
  • Images will reflect our values, and the industry and professionals we represent. We will be highlighting the connection between our industry and infrastructure and the human element that inspires innovation and ingenuity in quest for corrosion prevention.

You will also notice that our visual brand remains consistent through all mediums:

  • Presentations
  • Stationary
  • Online and digital
  • Print
  • Signage

We’re extremely excited by the potential that our rebranding gives us and all our members. Perhaps the most exciting factor is how our rebranding will ensure that the core values of the Institute of Corrosion are at the heart of all we do.

Our Expert’s View

Gareth Hinds, President of the Institute of Corrosion and author of more the 150 publications, says:

“Our new brand has been designed to highlight all that is great about the Institute: its positive influence on industry practice, its global reach, its desire to push boundaries, and, most of all, its people. The brand launch comes at a time of continued growth and opportunity for the Institute and its members and we are very excited about the potential it will unlock.”

In our next article, we’ll discuss the Core Values of the Institute of Corrosion – The Vision behind the Brand. In the meantime, to learn more about the institute and the lead it is taking in the global corrosion prevention industry, contact us today.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Institute of Corrosion Photo Competition.


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