AC-DC-AC technique for the accelerated evaluation of anticorrosion performances

A report of a new study on the use of an AC-DC-AC method for the faster evaluation of the anticorrosion performance provided by anodic films grown on an aerospace aluminium alloy, has been published recently.

The test is based on the cyclic application of a cathodic potential step, followed by a step of free corrosion, and finally the measurement of the electrochemical impedance response of the treated surface.
During the cathodic polarisation step in each cycle, alkalinisation is induced on the specimen surface, which results in attack of the porous anodic oxide. The effects of the magnitude and the duration of the cathodic polarisation step were considered, and the impedance responses measured during the various cycles were compared to the responses measured during natural immersion for longer times.
This methodology was applied for two types of anodic oxides, which are similar in thicknesses but differ in pore morphology and corrosion behaviour. Qualitative correlation was found between the electrochemical testing method and longer term immersion tests at the free corrosion potential, suggesting that the methodology can provide a faster estimation of anticorrosion performance compared to immersion test.

The study was published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 144, July 2020.

World Paints and Coatings Market Study

World Paints and Coatings Market Study

Ceresana has announced the publication of their 4th study of the world paint and coatings market. According to the report, a total of around 43.3 million tonnes of coatings were sold in 2019. The construction industry currently uses almost half of all paints and coatings that are sold.

Most of the paints and coatings are consumed in the Asia-Pacific region. This part of the world is expected to further expand its leading position on the world market in the coming years. The second largest sales region last year was North America. Powder coatings only account for a small segment of the market for paints and coatings while waterborne coatings are expected to achieve the highest average growth rate in the coming years.

Chapter 1 of the study provides an overview and analysis of the global market for paints and coatings – including forecasts up to 2027: the development of sales, demand, and production, is illustrated for each region of the world. The market figures on demand are broken down by applications, product types, and technologies. The regional markets for paints and coatings are analysed, providing data on use in construction, transportation, wood processing, industry products, and other applications. The demand for individual product types is also examined.

The second chapter looks at countries in detail in terms of consumption and production, application areas, and the different paint types used. Chapter 3 has a useful directory of the 112 most important manufacturers of paints and coatings, clearly arranged according to contact data, revenues, profit, product range, production sites, and profile summary.

SPE Conference, Aberdeen 16-17 June 2021

SPE Conference, Aberdeen 16-17 June 2021

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 10th Oilfield Corrosion Conference and Exhibition is scheduled to take place on 16-17 June in Aberdeen, at the new P&J Live Complex.

Once again, the oil and gas industry faces uncertain times due to falling demand. While the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic is hopefully short lived, the transition of energy from fossil fuels to renewable sources will continue in the long term. Combined with maturing fields and installations this will be an existential threat for some producers. Only those who can keep their cost of production below the market price will survive. We also live in an age when most fields are mature; production is falling, and our infrastructure is ageing.

Following the success of past events, the conference format will offer a combination of formal paper presentations and workshops. The morning sessions will allow for the presentation of new projects, technologies, challenges, and issues, while the afternoon discussion sessions will give attendees the opportunity to debate and review a range of key industry topics.

The event programme will also allow for ample meeting and networking opportunities for all participants, including at the official conference dinner, and exhibition which will be open on all conference days. During the conference, poster sessions will support the presentation of research work and technical project summaries, aimed in particular at graduate and postgraduate activities and junior industry professionals. Posters will be judged during the conference, with the best one being awarded the poster prize during the wrap-up session. SPE will also offer corrosion management training courses in conjunction with the conference.

Elcometer Limited acquires Sagola S.A

Elcometer Limited acquires Sagola S.A

Elcometer has announced their acquisition of Sagola SA, a leading manufacturer and supplier of paint spray equipment to the automotive and industrial refinishing sectors.

According to Michael Sellars, Managing Director of Elcometer, the Sagola range of high quality spray guns, pumps and filtration systems for the automotive and industrial markets fits perfectly with Elcometer’s range of blast, coating inspection and ultrasonic NDT equipment and will allow them to provide a comprehensive range of products to meet their customers’ requirements throughout the whole coatings process.

EUROCORR 2021 – Call for Papers

Hungary, Budapest Congress Center, 
19 – 23 September 2021

The hosts of the annual corrosion congress EUROCORR, HUNKOR, together with the European Federation of Corrosion, EFC, and DECHEMA, have issued a call for papers for EUROCORR 21.

The Congress has the motto “Materials science and advanced technologies for better corrosion protection”. The scientific programme will allow participants an opportunity to catch up with the most recent and reliable scientific results and the latest industrial achievements, and to take part in the development of new standards and regulations on the subject of corrosion control. As always during EUROCORR, each day, 12 to 14 parallel sessions will run, some dealing with the most important general corrosion problems and some focusing on those specific to each branch of industry. Further information concerning EUROCORR 2021, and instructions for abstract submission, can be found on the congress website.

The deadline for abstract submission is 19th January 2021, and instructions for abstract submission.