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If you hold a coatings certificate accredited by the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr), you are required to revalidate your certificate by an online assessment.

The validity of a certificate is normally five years from the date of certification, and the expiry date is indicated on the certificate and/or wallet card.

Expiry of your certification means that you will no longer be certified by ICorr to undertake inspections. To ensure that you continue to meet industry standards and stay competitive in your field, regular recertification is crucial.

Recertify with Us

An approved training partner of the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr), we have over 20 years’ experience in coatings training and examinations.

Our expertise, blended with the strong values of our parent company, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), ensures we deliver professional, high-quality services to develop competent professionals within the coatings industry.

Our knowledgeable team is here to support you every step of the way, from your initial contact with us to successfully passing your recertification assessment.

 Access anytime, anywhere

Approved by ICorr, our user-friendly online assessment programme can be completed from anywhere in the world to renew your ICorr certification.

When recertifying your Level 1 or 2 certificate, you’ll work through a series of course notes before attempting your assessment. When recertifying your Level 3 certificate, you will be required to undertake desk research for the assessment.

We offer online ICorr Recertification assessments for the following methods:

Level Method
2 Hot Dip Galvanising
2 Insulation Inspection
2 Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Coating Inspector (Epoxy)
2 Pipeline Coating Inspector
1 Protective Coating Inspector
2 Protective Coating Inspector
2 Protective Coating Inspector
3 Protective Coating Inspector

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Recertification Process

Follow the steps below to renew your certification with us.



Complete our application form.


Ensure you submit all relevant documentation outlined on the application form to facilitate a speedy process!


Application review


Your application will be reviewed and a member of our team will be in touch. Payment information will be sent once full eligibility criteria has been met.

Upon receipt of payment, your booking will be processed, and login details will be sent via email to gain access to our online platform.


Online platform access


Access our online platform anytime, anyplace*, for up to 90 days.

When recertifying your Level 1 or 2 certificate, you’ll work through a series of course notes before attempting your assessment.

When recertifying your Level 3 certificate, you’ll be required to undertake desk research for the assessment.

* Note: Access requires a good internet connection.


Assessment criteria


The recertification assessment consists of 40 randomly chosen multiple choice questions to be completed in 1 hour 30 minutes.

You’ll need to achieve a mark of 70% to pass the assessment and will be notified on the online platform once you have successfully completed the assessment.

You’ll have a maximum of three attempts to achieve a pass mark.




On successful completion of your assessment, your result will be processed and submitted to the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr).

ICorr will issue your certificate and wallet card, which will be valid for five years. This will be sent to you directly from ICorr.

Please note that certificates can take up to 10 weeks to arrive.


Discounts available* for multiple methods enrolled within a 6-month time period.



Number of methods

£435 1 method
£520 2 methods
£680 3 methods

Prices exclude VAT.
* Discount only applicable when courses are paid in one transaction

Why attend this course? Course and examination enquiries

To enquire or gain access to the ICorr Online Recertification Courses. Please contact our customer services team using the information below.

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Special note: It has been agreed by PDTC (ICorr) to add an experience assessment to all ICorr certifications for personnel engaged in painting and coating inspection. 

You can also renew your ICorr level 1,2 and 3 Coating Inspection Certificate for £275 with the Corrodere Academy.

Register to renew online here.

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