This course is designed to train candidates in specific pipeline coating inspection and prepare them for the ICorr Pipeline Coating Inspector Level 2 examination. Shop applied, custom and field joint anti-corrosion pipeline coating inspection are addressed.

The Pipeline Coating Inspection Course bridges the gap between conventional painting inspection and that required for the high integrity pipeline coating systems in common use today

The key differences in functional integrity between pipeline coatings and conventional painting systems will be covered.

The primary focus of the course will be on the current pipeline coatings used for onshore and offshore upstream oil and gas pipelines.

The 3-day classroom course is suitable for candidates who already have coating experience and attained ICorr Protective Coating Inspector Level 2 or equivalent.

3 days inc. examination – Worldwide – £1,071



Phone: 44 114 399 572

Special note

Attendees will be required to revise their ICorr Protective Coating Inspector information which is common to both conventional coating and pipeline coating and especially surface preparation and inspection techniques. This revision will be undertaken online before the start of the course via E-learning modules.

It has been agreed by PDTC (ICorr) to add an experience assessment to all ICorr certifications for personnel engaged in coating inspection. Full details of the changes are to be published in the ICorr REQ DOC



Based on feedback from the oil and gas pipeline industry it has been identified that there is a need for a Pipeline Coating Inspection Course to bridge the gap between conventional painting inspection and that required for the high integrity pipeline coating systems in common use today.

The course outlines the optimum quality control measures for the complete pipeline coating application process as this plays a critical role in ensuring the requisite long performance of the applied coating.

The course targets coating inspection staff but is equally applicable to clients, coating engineers within pipeline installation contractors and pipeline coaters.

The course is accredited by the Institute of Corrosion. On successful completion of the course and relevant coatings related experience, candidates will become a certified Level 2 Pipeline Coating Inspector. The certificate is valid for 5 years and can be renewed online prior to expiry.

 Course Content



Health & Safety Linepipe Material
Roles and duties of the Inspector Steel Linepipe Manufacture
Quality Assurance (QA) General Pipeline Data
Quality Control (QC) Pipeline Installations 
Specification/ Normative Documents  Pipeline Project Contracts 
Iron & Steel  Pipeline Coatings General
Corrosion   Linepipe Coating – 3LPE/ 3LPP/ FBE/ AE
Corrosion control Custom Coating – MCL/ FBE/ 2LPP
Surface Pre-Blast Cleaning Field Joint Coating – HSS/FBE/ 2LPP/ 3LPP/ MCL
Surface Blast Cleaning Internal Flowcoat 
Hand & Power Tool Preparation Concrete Weight Coating 
General Inspection & Testing (Liquid Coatings) Practical – Coating Inspection 
Multi-Component Liquid Coating  (MCL)