New Cathodic Protection Training Centre

The Institute is proud to announce the formal opening of the new BS EN ISO 15257 Cathodic Protection Training & Examination Centre. The first CP training courses were delivered in early March 2021, but the centre was formally opened on Monday 10 May with representatives from ICorr, CPA and CCSL/Freyssinet, present to celebrate.

The centre is located in Telford, UK and is hosted/sponsored by our partner Corrosion Control Services Ltd [CCSL]. The site includes a training room with teaching display screen and plenty of props such as anode examples, reference electrodes, and all the necessary tools for explaining electro-chemistry.  CCSL have provided a complete compliment of equipment to aid teaching including dipping electrodes, concrete mapping electrodes, cover-meters, resistivity meters/soil-boxes, digital voltmeters, variable impedance meters and Megger meters of all kinds.  On one recent course, some designers/specifiers were invited to hold a heat/spot-welder above their heads for 5 minutes so they could appreciate the reality of site work, and carry coiled 50m dipping electrodes around the yard to demonstrate the realities of harbour surveys!

Outside there is a fully equipped practical demonstration and testing area which includes a simulated marine CP tank with both galvanic and impressed current anodes, a full-scale buried pipe with CP and test posts, and various reinforced concrete structures fitted with working CP systems.  All of these systems are fully operational and can be inspected and tested by candidates, allowing real-world examination of practical skills and knowledge.

To date, the Institute has delivered courses in Buried, Marine and Reinforced Concrete across levels 1 to 3 at this new centre.  More than 25 candidates have passed through the centre within the first two months of operation, and several more training courses and exams are planned for the rest of the year.

The Institute would like to thank the many people who have been involved in the building of this centre including Chris Spence [CCSL], Craig Dinsley [CCSL], Brian Wyatt, Lauren Fairly [CPA], Jim Preston, Bill Whitiker, Tony Gerrard, Chris Lynch and Raju Narayan.

BS EN SIO 15257 certification is now a requirement on most Cathodic Protection projects and required by major clients such as National Grid and Highways England.  Anyone who works in CP is encouraged to visit the website [below], book their training courses and progress their certification applications without delay.

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