Painting Inspector Transition – BGAS-CSWIP, NACE, FROSIO: Transition Into The Institute of Corrosion Scheme

Why attend this course?

Using our online programme, you can apply for transition into the scheme in the appropriate discipline, not into a particular grade or level.

– Download and complete the application form and upload with a copy of your CV
– Individuals receive access to the training notes for revision (optional)
– Complete a multiple choice assessment online (you get 3 attempts)
– Achieve a mark of 70% or higher to pass
– Receive your ICorr certification and ID card

Recognised certificate held  ICorr certificate achieved by transition
NACE Level 1  ICorr Level 1
Frosio Level 1
NACE Level 2 & 3  ICorr Level 2
Frosio Level 2 & 3
BGAS Level 1 & 2
BGAS Site Coatings Inspector  ICorr Pipeline Coating Level 2

Note: It is not possible to transition into a Level 3 as it is only awarded upon passing a closed book formal examination.

Course content

  • Relevant subject areas within the ICORR REQ DOC
  • The ICorr certification scheme
  • Paint application methods
  • Changes to normative documents (primarily ISO, EN and BSI standards)
  • Equipment for surface preparation, paint application and paint/paint film testing
  • Practices and trends

Course details

Duration: Dependent on own requirements


TYPE : Online/distance training course

Online Assessment

ICorr Level 1

The assessment for transition to ICorr Level 1 consists of 100 randomly chosen multiple choice questions to be completed in 1 hour

ICorr Level 2

The assessment for transition to ICorr Level 2 consists of 150 randomly chosen multiple choice questions to be completed in 1 hour 30 minutes.


£385 per method (excl. VAT)

Course and examination enquiries

For more information including prices and availability please visit our training partners website at or alternatively you can contact them on +44(0)114 3995720.