Boosting Your Career Credentials

In the connected, social media world in which we live, some professionals question whether membership of an organisation is still as relevant as it was, say, 20 years ago. Now you are only a Facebook message away from your peers. You can interact with likeminded people in groups such as the Institute of Corrosion on LinkedIn.

However, even in our globally connected society, professional membership of the Institute of Corrosion provides powerful benefits that are not available otherwise. Here are a few of these benefits.

1.      Improves your personal branding

Membership of the Institute of Corrosion is viewed highly positively by employers. It demonstrates that you are committed to your profession and to remaining current. Membership credentials add gravitas to your CV.

2.      Opens exciting CPD opportunities to you

There is no doubt that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is critical to your career. Through membership of the Institute of Corrosion, you’ll be kept informed of all the training and professional qualifications that we offer through our partners.

You’ll also benefit from greater access to ICorr technical events, workshops, working days, and other events that we provide or sponsor through the year.

3.      Networking opportunities for you

As a professional and modern organisation, we recognise the importance of social media. We’re boosting our presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, making it easier for you to stay connected with us and our membership. (We already have almost 2,300 members on our LinkedIn group – why not join?)

However, the real networking advantage of membership of the Institute is the potential it provides for you to connect with professionals closer to you. By attending ICorr events, you will help to unlock the power of building a more personally connected network – you’ll meet people you would not have met otherwise.

4.      Opportunities to improve your professional profile

As you progress through your career and through the different grades of membership of the Institute of Corrosion, you will find that you have opportunities to give back to the profession and simultaneously improve your professional profile.

For example, you might offer your expertise to present at an ICorr event, or perhaps you could submit an article for publication in Corrosion Management, the bi-monthly magazine distributed around the world.

Better still, you could put your name forward to be an officer on your local Branch committee, volunteer to chair a CED Working Group or join the organising committee of an Institute event.

Becoming involved in your profession through your membership of the Institute of Corrosion not only helps to raise your profile in the community, it adds credible authority to your CV too.

5.      Access to the Members Area of our website

As a member of the Institute of Corrosion, you have access to areas of our website that are not available to the general public. This includes access to the magazine archive, minutes from the AGM, meeting notes and technical papers of the Corrosion Engineering Division and free download of EuroCorr conference papers.

The Members Area also includes access to the Engineering Council’s ‘mycareerpath®’ professional development system for you to record your CPD activities.

6.      A route to Chartered Engineer status

Chartered Engineer status offers real tangible benefits such as:

  • Improving your career prospects
  • Improving your earning potential
  • Your competence is internationally recognised
  • You increase your professional network

As a professional member of the Institute of Corrosion, you will be eligible to become a Chartered Engineer (CEng). Should you wish to do so, as part of our commitment to you we have designed an exclusive mentoring programme to help you achieve CEng status.

7.      Individual Recognition

We also sponsor prestigious awards that are recognised across the world, helping to improve visibility of the important work that people within the field do. These cover scientific and engineering achievements on the international stage, as well as outstanding contribution to furthering the objectives of the Institute.

View from our expert

Of the benefits of membership of the Institute of Corrosion, David Horrocks, Chair of the Professional Development & Training Committee (PDTC) says:

“As a professional member and Fellow of ICorr, I feel the Institute has many benefits to offer. The membership grades on offer will not only enhance an individual’s visual status professionally to the outside world, but will also show that prerequisite competence levels have been met to achieve professional status.

“The process of membership – and, indeed, up-grading current membership – is a process made easy by ICorr. There are mentors available for individuals with the aim to enhance their standing professionally within the Institute of Corrosion.

“The members area on our new website and our social media platforms are great tools to broaden your knowledge, ask questions, seek advice, and generally engage with other professional members.

“Membership is not a standalone rubber stamp on an individual: it’s potentially life changing. If combined with enhanced networking opportunities and joining ICorr committees, the potential benefit for individuals and their continuous professional development is immeasurable.”

For more information about membership of the Institute of Corrosion, check out our membership page.