Examining the New N-2941 Standard

The critical nature of coating inspector training has been highlighted by the new standard published by Brazil’s Petrobras, one of the giants in the global oil, natural gas, and energy industry.

We’re delighted to announce that Petrobras has recognised the high standards of the training courses offered by the Institute of Corrosion through its training partners. Inspection of coatings is a key practice in management of corrosion.

Now, Petrobras has confirmed that ICorr’s Level 2 Coating Inspector and Level 3 Coating Inspector courses will give you the certification to inspect corrosion management coatings when working for Petrobras or any of its units or subsidiaries.

N-2941: Petrobras going over and above national standards

Petrobras has published its standard N-2941 (Personal Competence for Inspection Activities) to establish what certification professionals must hold to carry out a range of corrosion management tasks and responsibilities. Inspection activities applicable under this standard include those aimed at:

  • Improving reliability of coatings
  • Reduce the need for rework
  • Increase the security of installations
  • Improve operational continuity

The rigorous nature of certification required by Petrobras ensures that the standard of those inspecting its corrosion protective paint systems meet at least the minimum requirements of national and international standards.

Indeed, N-2941 cites many of these standards to make it clear that these standards (in part or their entirety) constitute requirements for N-2941. These standards include:

  • ABNT NBR 15218 – Criteria for Qualification and Certification of Painting Inspectors Industrial
  • ABNT NBR 16049 – Onshore pipelines – Qualification and certification of People – Inspectors

ICorr Coating Inspector Training is Accredited by Petrobras

Under the standard, issuance of personal competence certificates may only be made by:

  • Certification bodies that have been accredited for their training and certification processes and competence in providing training
  • Those bodies that are accredited by N-2941 to provide personal certification of competency

The Institute of Corrosion is now one of only five bodies that have been recognised by Petrobras to provide training that meets the requirements of ABNT NBR-15218, with both our Level 2 and Level 3 training now recognised under the standard.

The Benefits of ICorr Coating Inspector Training

Our Level 2 and Level 3 Coating Inspector courses are comprehensive and aligned to international standards as well as the current best working practices.

The Level 2 Course is designed to prepare ICorr Level 1 Painting Inspectors for the Level 2 exam. The course goes into greater depth of the syllabus in Level 1, and includes the practical use of equipment needed for an inspector to carry out his or her duties.

The Level 3 Course is designed for Level 2 Inspectors wit more than 3 years of coating inspection experience. With this qualification, you will be able to:

 Direct any inspection or test operation for which they are certified

  • Assume full responsibility for an inspection or test facility and staff
  • Establish and/or validate work instructions or procedures
  • Interpret normative documents
  • Designate the extent of inspection and the test methods and procedures to be used

It has been agreed that an experience assessment will be added to all ICorr certifications for those engaged in painting and coating inspection.

ICorr – supporting corrosion professionals around the world

When rebranding the Institute of Corrosion earlier this year, we set out our mission to support corrosion professionals around the world. Our focus is on the people who make the corrosion industry vibrant and innovative, and our purpose is to ensure that we hep to advance science, technology and ideas; influence policy and decision-making; and ensure a healthier and safer environment.

Our digital communication strategy is now starting to pay dividends (for example, with the Institute of Corrosion booming on social media), but it is behind the scenes that much of the work is done by so many people.

One of these is Lucia Fullalove FICorr MSc BSc, and Director at Fullalove & Associates Corrosion Consultancy Ltd. With her help and expertise, ICorr has been working closely with the Brazilian Association of Corrosion (ABRACO) on Paint Inspector and Paint Applicator’s courses.

The Institute was further introduced to the Brazilian market on 3rd December at the VI SBPA – the Brazilian Seminar of Paint Application. At that event, Lucia delivered a well-received presentation to the ABRACO-organised Brazilian Coatings Seminar discussing greater collaboration and cooperation between ABRACO and ICorr.

Speaking of these latest exciting developments, ICorr President Gareth Hinds says:

‘I’m delighted that ICorr certification of Level 2 and Level 3 Coating Inspectors has been formally recognised in the new Petrobras standard. This reflects our status as a leading global provider of training in this area and the excellent relationship with our sister society in Brazil, ABRACO.

“I’m pleased to announce that we have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ABRACO to develop further training activities together and I look forward to strengthening this relationship further in the years to come.’

With the dedication and expertise of Fellows and Members of ICorr, we continue to spread our membership’s knowledge, experience, and expertise to an increasingly global audience.

If you would like to learn more about our Coatings Inspector Training, or to enquire about membership options available to you, please email the Institute of Corrosion at admin@icorr.org.