Supporting Corrosion Professionals Worldwide

In this last article in the series discussing the rebranding of the Institute of Corrosion, you’ll learn about our purpose – why we exist and who we exist for, and how our mission supports the core values and vision of the Institute of Corrosion.

A Global Community of Corrosion Experts

Corrosion is costly and dangerous. Left untended, corrosion causes buildings and bridges to collapse, pipelines to leak, and spillages from industrial plants. Corrosion can lead to fires, flooding, poisoning and air pollution. The more effective our corrosion prevention strategies and techniques become, the safer the world will be.

In the fight against corrosion, collaboration is key. The Institute of Corrosion is the vehicle to drive this collaboration, through its global community of corrosion experts. The sharing of knowledge and expertise aids the innovation and creativity that is needed to develop industry best practice, as we strive for a more environmentally-friendly, safer and more sustainable global infrastructure.

Advancing Science, Technology, and Ideas

In addition to a global community that shares expertise, the Institute of Corrosion assists in corrosion prevention by delivering training that meets the requirements of current standards and leading by example to help advance corrosion science and technology and allowing ideas to flourish.

Through its partners IMechE and Corrodere, the Institute offers training courses that ensure scientists, engineers, maintenance staff, inspectors, and all corrosion professionals are competent in the standards and knowledge expected.

The Institute also keeps its members updated with the latest advances in best practice. We do this in a variety of ways. As well as ongoing training and CPD, our communication strategy is designed for sharing the Institute of Corrosion’s expertise with the world. Our global reach and digital communication channels combine to ensure that members can network easily and share information and ideas.

Influencing Policy and Decision-Making

The Institute of Corrosion’s expertise, experience, knowledge and global reach places it at the apex of the corrosion prevention industry. This means that the voice of industry experts – your voice – will be heard. At governmental and corporate levels, the expertise we possess in our global community of corrosion experts helps to shape policy and decision-making to extend the lifetime of our infrastructure.

Through the Institute of Corrosion, experts in the field can help to determine policies and decisions that will have a direct impact on society and lead to job creation, lower costs, and the saving of lives.

A Healthier and Safer Environment

As we influence policy and decisions, and as we improve standards in the industry, we will help to drive health and safety in the corrosion industry to create a healthier and safer environment. Scientific and technological advances should improve working practices in the industry, and the Institute’s community of corrosion professionals will be central to this.

Career Development and Networking

The provision of training is not the only way in which the Institute of Corrosion helps to advance the industry and your professional development. As a global organisation with a focus on science and engineering, we can provide networking opportunities at regional and global levels, including through NACE.

Our increasingly diverse membership benefits from conferences, workshops and mentoring, as well as our digital assets that allow you to network globally and exchange ideas and information in real time, anywhere in the world.

Indeed, we encourage you to participate, by following us on our social media (such as LinkedIn) and joining in the conversations we have, commenting on the articles we post, and sharing your expertise and knowledge with your digital network of corrosion professionals. Read our blogs, ask questions, and suggest topics that you would like us to tackle.

From students to CEOs, the Institute of Corrosion brings people together, supporting the industry and individuals, facilitating career development, encouraging networking, and driving policy and decision-making.

Our Expert’s View

Caroline Allanach, Project Inspection Engineer/Pressure Systems Integrity Engineer at BP says:

“The Institute of Corrosion provides support and mentoring in the specialist field of corrosion. Given companies often have a small corrosion engineering workforce, this is essential for the industry. Through Young ICorr events and specialist training, such as the Young Engineer Programme, it has been great to meet fellow corrosion engineers at similar career stages and share experiences, learning and goals.”

The Institute of Corrosion Is Your Institute

Our focus is on the people who make the corrosion industry so vibrant and innovative. The students, academics, scientists, engineers and maintenance professionals, who together provide the depth and breadth of expertise and experience that drive the industry forward.

Our rebranding enables us to redouble this focus, providing meaningful ways for you to network, develop your career, and share your expertise. As the network grows and the knowledge flows, the benefits to the public will continue to expand – a healthier and safer environment, with sustainable infrastructure, lower costs, and more jobs.

Get involved. To join the Institute of Corrosion and become part of one of the largest networks of corrosion professionals in the world, click here.