A Powerful Tool in the Development of Specifications for New Work and Maintenance

ISO 12944-8 is often overlooked, though it contains a huge amount of information that enables competent technical writing with regards to coating specification for new build projects or maintenance of existing structures and items.

If you are writing such coating specifications, it’s crucial that you observe all other parts of ISO 12944 – and the templates contained within ISO 12944-8 help ensure you do this.

Why ISO 12944-8?

ISO 12944 is the globally recognised standard used by the protective coatings industry to develop and verify coating specifications for corrosion protection of steel structures. The most referred to parts of ISO 12944 are:

As well as referencing these and other parts of the standard, Part 8 of the standard explains the value of creating reference areas to set a benchmark for the standards of workmanship of surface preparation and coatings application. Thus, it also enables the finished appearance of the system and relevant inspection and quality control requirements to be established at this primary stage before the project commences.

A set of powerful specification templates

The templates contained within this part of the standard are powerful tools. They ensure that you include all that is needed when documenting the technical requirements of a coating specification, whatever the new build or maintenance project.

There are four basic types of specification templates within ISO 12944-8. You’ll see that there is a certain amount of overlap and repetition between them, but it is important to recognise that each is tailored to a different stage of the project.

1.     Contents of a project specification (Pre-commencement)

The project specification sets out a broad overview of the project with all the factors to be considered before the project bids are in place. This includes:

  • Name and location of the project
  • Key contact details
  • Definition of required durability and corrosivity
  • Descriptions of the constituent elements of the construction
  • Any special considerations and constraints
  • Overview of the required coating systems and surface preparation
  • Overview of the quality control and inspection requirements
  • Reference area requirements

It also includes the provision of a pre-work meeting in which all parties can discuss the project.

2.     Contents of a protective coating system specification (Detailed coating specification)

This specification template drills down further into substrate dressing and preparation requirements, describing the protective coating system with details that include:

  • Wet/dry film thickness
  • Edge protection
  • Technical and safety data sheets
  • Pre-qualification test results

It also includes an overview of inspection requirements and documentation of results.

3.     Contents of a paintwork specification (Application and inspection methodologies)

The paintwork specification focuses on the qualification requirements for paint inspectors and applicators. This document forms the framework for a working method statement that will enable the job to be undertaken to the required standard.

4.     Contents of an inspection and assessment specification (Detailed quality plan)

This template provides a detailed description of the inspection stages to be undertaken by the contractor and independent inspectors. It includes a full QA and inspection plan, as well as the requirements for document control and distribution of records.

Annexes and flow charts

In addition to the specification templates, ISO 12944-8 presents a series of informative annexes. These outline basic headings to be included in a specification, plus the key aspects that need to be considered in the preparation, inspection, and reporting of a reference area.

You will also find a series of flow charts. These help you to map out the steps needed to prepare for new work or maintenance work, and provide templates for both types of projects.

ISO 12944-8: A powerful tool

In conclusion, ISO 12944-8 is an exceptionally powerful tool.

The templates, annexes, and flow charts ensure that even a relatively inexperienced person can create a technically correct specification document that will enable a coating project to be executed in full accordance with best industry practice.

Our final article in this series covering ISO 12944 discusses Part 9 of the standard: protective paint systems and laboratory test methods for offshore and related structures.

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