ICorr Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporate membership of the Institute of Corrosion is an attractive strategic business decision, and for many good reasons. When your organization becomes an ICorr corporate member, it gains access to a range of exclusive benefits. Your organization also gets to contribute to the continuing evolution of corrosion science and corrosion engineering, as well as raising its profile and impact within the industry.

ICorr: In service of our members

A few years ago, we embarked on an overhaul of the Institute. Having been founded in 1959, we felt it was time to update and upgrade, to improve and prove our global presence and strategy, and to become more approachable.

We canvassed and listened to our members and other corrosion professionals, reviewed our strategy, and rebranded. In the ongoing battle against costly and dangerous corrosion, our mission is to build better collaboration within the industry, with academia, and with governments and policymakers, and share ICorr’s corrosion expertise with the world.

We’re a values-led organization, with four core values that are the vision behind the ICorr brand:

  1. Trust and respect – we are an independent professional body, trusted and respected by the public to help reduce the impact of corrosion on infrastructure. As a not-for-profit body committed to developing the corrosion prevention industry, we are led by people with experience and expertise, with a collective credibility to help others develop the skills in corrosion science and engineering that are crucial to continually improve corrosion prevention.
  2. Experts and leaders in the field – the Institute encompasses leaders and experts in the field of corrosion prevention. This expertise enables us to advance toward our vision as we influence policy and strategy at corporate and governmental levels. Continuous improvement of knowledge and expertise is key to this – as is focus on aspects such as health and safety, equipment, and people.
  3. Innovative and forward-thinking – we are an innovative, modern, cutting-edge body that is forward-thinking and encourages the sharing of expertise. We also seek to collaborate with like-minded bodies (for example, our partnership with ABRACO) to drive the corrosion prevention industry forward.
  4. Supportive and inclusive – we provide an environment of support, networking, and education, committed to developing industry capabilities, enhancing knowledge and expertise, and enabling people to develop effective and innovative careers. To this end, we offer comprehensive training and support for all corrosion professionals, as well as networking opportunities to help our diverse membership benefit from all the Institute offers and represents.

We serve our members through many channels, including regional meetings, conferences, workshops, magazines, website, social media, training courses, mentoring, training, and an online jobs board. We host many events, such as regional and international conferences, to support the industry and debate new technology and ideas, and our network of branches meet regularly to share knowledge and promote networking opportunities.

Why become a corporate member?

As a not-for-profits body, we depend on our membership to help fund our vision. We also depend upon our membership to help us to drive progress within the corrosion prevention industry.

Of all our membership options, corporate membership provides the highest level of participation within our organization, and therefore within the global conversation around corrosion.

As a corporate member of the Institute of Corrosion, you’ll be helping to develop the corrosion prevention industry.

Specifically, corporate membership provides benefits that include:

·       The highest grade of membership offering maximum profile within the corrosion industry

There is no better way to raise your profile within the corrosion community.

·       Access to our Career Development & Progression Programmes

ICorr provides limited access to some of the best career development and progression programmes in the industry. Corrosion professionals who participate in these programmes not only enhance their own knowledge and capability, but also improve their employer’s capabilities, too – and that’s great for business.

·       Access to our online resources and libraries

Our vast (and growing) online resources and libraries are only available to our members.

·       Free-of-charge advertising in the Institute’s Corrosion Magazine

Distributed six times a year, the Corrosion Management Magazine is a leading publication within the industry and a source of knowledge and expertise for many businesses.

·       Free advertising on our website’s Member’s Directory

Advertising on our Member’s Directory will help your business to raise its profile within the corrosion prevention industry.

·       A discount of 10% on all conferences and symposia, and on selected ICorr training courses

Our conferences and symposia are leading events within the industry, and our training courses and certifications are recognised around the world – providing the qualifications and confidence that will help drive your organization toward its strategic goals.

·       A table at the annual ICorr Christmas luncheon

A never-to-be-missed occasion!

How to become a corporate member of the Institute of Corrosion

As a corporate member of the Institute of Corrosion, you’ll be demonstrating a commitment to the advance of knowledge and expertise within the industry and within your own organisation. Your profile within the industry, and with your clients, current and prospective employees, and other stakeholders, will be enhanced.

Your organization and employees will have access to a range of resources, and benefit from discounts on training, advertising, and attendance at conferences and other events. And you’ll be guaranteed a table at the ICorr Christmas luncheon.

For more information and to join the Institute of Corrosion as a Corporate Member, please email our admin team.