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Welcome to the November/December issue of the magazine. As 2023 comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude to Stephen, Brian, the Square One team, the ICorr team, and all the authors who have contributed to the Corrosion Management Magazine. The success of Corrosion Management Magazine is ensured by our joint, committed efforts. I wish a happy and festive Christmas to every reader.

This issue is dedicated to the theme “Sustainable Energy”. The first technical article “How do you take sustainability into account during design?” is written by Birit Buhr. She has proposed that environmental impact be considered during the design process by including life cycle analysis (LCA) to minimise environmental impact over the lifetime of a structure. Dr Patricia Conder has authored the second technical article titled “Non-Destructive Challenges in the Net Zero World”. Five facets of inspection- degradation, physics of inspection, Inspection deployment, planning and data analytics are described to tackle key Net Zero NDT challenges by Dr. Conder. The third technical article, entitled “An Examination of Localised Internal Corrosion Failure Mechanisms for a Nutshell Filter Vessel,” is written by Riky Bernardo. Dr. Douglas Mills has also contributed an article for the Fellow’s Corner titled “Archaeological Corrosion and Conservation,” which is primarily historical and based on previously published work.

To help you learn more about the columnist, we have included a “Meet the Author” section with every article.

We welcome industry news, technical articles, and articles for fellow’s corner from you in whichever part of the world you are based. Your suggestions and feedback are very important for ensuring that we deliver magazine content that will engage our valued members. Please send all your content for consideration.
Dr Shagufta Khan, FICorr
Consulting Editor

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