Hempel acquires ground-breaking coatings technology

According to coatings manufacturer Hempel, they have acquired a ground-breaking technology that will change the market for insulation coatings, whilst enhancing workers’ safety and lowering their customers’ environmental footprint.

The new technology was developed by Das Lack Enertherm (DLE), a German-English company. When this is combined with their in-house expertise, the technology will enable Hempel to develop and launch coating products with insulating properties within the next year, according to the company.

By offering customers better insulation choices, Hempel can also help to reduce the ever-present risk associated with CUI, in addition, the new insulation coatings will also lower the customers’ carbon footprint and will reduce heat loss significantly compared to current insulation coatings – both of which mean helping customers deliver on their sustainability agendas, concluded the company.

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