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During 2021, and the first quarter of 2022, the ICATS Managers Course (Corrosion and Protective Coatings Management) has proven to be one of most successful of our courses, with presentations to global audiences as well as contractor and engineering organisations in the UK. This one-day course is designed for project managers, engineers, site agents, and any persons wanting more knowledge of the coatings industry.

This course is currently available face to face, or remote via video conference. It will also be available via our ICATS LMS in the near future. Any enquiries should be directed to CORREX Ltd, or Kevin Harold at kevin@paintel.co.uk

New Courses
As mentioned in the previous magazine, work has now begun with the creation of new ICATS courses. The industry has desired these additional modules, and story boards have
been created. We are also working with our industry partners for very specific technical information, this is particularly true of ‘Fire Protection’, which is expected later this year.

ISO 17024
ISO/IEC 17024 is the International Standard relating to the conformity assessment for bodies operating certification of persons. Certification Bodies that are accredited to this standard have demonstrated an impartial and rigorous quality approach, and their clients can have confidence in certified personnel. We have been busy reworking information and documents to help us conform to this standard and will be introducing new forms that conform to ISO 17024 in the next couple of months. When we do, you will be informed ahead of release to assist with version control.
I am always on the lookout for interesting ICATS projects that you are working on. Please let me know your stories, and let’s tell everyone about them and how ICATS is changing the face of Industrial Painting.

Kevin Harold, CORREX Managing Director

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