ICorr awards – call for nominations

Each year the Institute of Corrosion bestows a range of internationally renowned awards in recognition of excellence in corrosion science and engineering, and to reward outstanding service to the Institute and the wider corrosion community. Many of these awards are open to nomination by both members and non-members of the Institute. Below is a brief description of each award together with details of how to nominate potential candidates.

U.R. Evans Award
The U.R. Evans Award is the premier scientific award of the Institute of Corrosion and is presented annually for outstanding international achievements in pure or applied corrosion science. The recipient is selected by a Corrosion Science Division panel and presented with an engraved sword at the annual Corrosion Science Symposium (CSS). The symposium is one which seeks to encourage the participation of the junior members of the corrosion community who would appreciate the visit of, and address by, a corrosion scientist of international repute. The form of the award symbolises the fight in which we are all engaged. The recipient is also granted Honorary Life Fellowship of the Institute. Nominations may be submitted at any time via email to the CSD Chair, Julian Wharton (j.a.wharton@soton.ac.uk).

Paul McIntyre Award
The Paul McIntyre Award is presented to a senior corrosion engineer, who, as well as being a leading practitioner in his field, has advanced European collaboration and international standards development. The award consists of an engraved trophy, which is presented at the annual CED Working Day meeting. The recipient is requested to present a brief overview of their activities and encouraged to prepare an article for publication in Corrosion Management. Nominations should be
submitted to the CED Chair, Danny Burkle (D.Burkle@lbbcbaskerville.co.uk) by 28th February 2023.

T.P. Hoar Award
The T.P. Hoar Award is presented to the authors of the best paper published in the scientific journal Corrosion Science during the previous calendar year. The winning paper is selected by a sub-committee of the Corrosion Science Division and the authors receive a certificate and a cash sum of £400.

Galloway Award
The Galloway Award is presented to a student author for the best publication describing original research in corrosion science and engineering as judged by a sub-committee of the Corrosion Science Division. The student should be the primary author of the work and preferably first author. A summary of the winning paper is published in Corrosion Management and the prize consists of a certificate and a cash sum of £300. The Institute does not retain copyright of the material, so this does not prevent separate publication of the work in a scientific journal. Submissions (in the form of a paper published within the past 12 months or a draft publication) may be sent via email at any time to the CSD Chair, Julian Wharton (j.a.wharton@soton.ac.uk). Supervisors may nominate students.

Lionel Shreir Award
The Lionel Shreir Award is given to the best student presenter at the annual Corrosion Science Symposium. Selection of the recipient is carried out by a sub-committee of the Corrosion Science Division. The award consists of a certificate and a cash prize of £125.
For further details on the Institute awards, including lists of past recipients, please visit https://www.icorr.org/icorr-awards/

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