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Following on from the popular Young ICorr Festive Quiz of 2020, another online event was held on Thursday 16th December, 2021, preceded by a talk from Bill Hedges, ICorr President (pictured right), on “A career in corrosion and its importance in the future of energy including renewables”. The general energy outlook indicates that there is an increasing global energy demand and that hydrocarbons still contribute to the majority of the global energy mix. However, this talk highlighted new energy sectors and where corrosion will continue to have a negative impact on such sectors.  Bill’s presentation covered three themes including (i) A career in corrosion, (ii) Corrosion and materials challenges facing hydrocarbon production, and finally (iii) How corrosion can impact the future of renewable energies.  Although significant progress and great advancements have been made in the field of corrosion control and management, many challenges remain as we embark on a joint global venture to achieve net-zero; the requirement for future innovation in the energy sectors is more important than ever. On this basis, and from his own experiences as a corrosion engineer. Bill concluded that the future is bright and exciting for anyone pursuing a career in corrosion-related disciplines.

Following the talk by Bill, the quiz winners were revealed as the team ‘Corrosion Forever’. After which there was a networking session to enable young ICorr members to interact with their peers whilst presenting an opportunity to ask the more senior ICorr members questions. 

Further events are planned for 2022 and more information will be uploaded to our website and social media pages. Please, follow Young ICorr on LinkedIn to ensure you do not miss out on future events.

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