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Ascott Analytical Equipment

Ascott have been at the forefront of corrosion and salt spray test cabinets for over 30 years. Their business is totally focused on corrosion test equipment, and today they are one of the leading suppliers of salt spray cabinets and cyclic corrosion cabinets in the world, exporting to over 45 countries.

Everything produced is manufactured in their factory here in the Midlands, with local suppliers very much at the heart of the supply chain. Their latest range embodies customer led innovation, blending performance and technical excellence. The creation and control of corrosive climates has never been more demanding, and the development of new materials and surface coatings, plus increasing user expectations, has given rise to ever more rigorous testing. This is their forte.

Their expertise is the reassurance that a customer needs to ensure their testing is precise, compliant, and repeatable. Their equipment leads the world technically, but they also pride themselves on offering excellent value for money. Investment in an Ascott chamber offers the customer consistency, reliability, and, with their premium level of after sales support as standard, a high degree of confidence.

Many test standards can be complex and difficult to interpret, and the customers rely on their expertise, experience, and knowledge in this field to guide them to the exact product that will meet their needs. Every chamber is built to individual customer specification, even down to incorporating customer branding and corporate colours if required.

They also supply a comprehensive range of laboratory and field test equipment and consumables via an online shop, offering a convenient and trusted one stop solution for all your testing requirements.

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