New Sustaining Member: Corroless Eastern

Corroless Eastern are a distributor of Corroless anticorrosion materials and a multi-disciplined coatings and repair contractor. The business was founded by Andy Hunt in 1992, initially focusing on the distribution of Corroless coatings materials, but branching out into the application of protective coatings.

A particular area of focus for the business has always been the application of tank linings, initially using Corroless materials but now also other manufacturers.

Over the last 20 years, another area of expertise has been the application of fast set polyurea coatings and membranes, with a particular focus on training adhering to the Polyurea Development Association standards.

Training and development of their team is core to the business, including 7 ICorr trained paint inspectors. They also have their own in house ICATS trainer.

Recent investments in the business include the purchase of two Hammelman Ultra high-pressure water jetting units used for both surface preparation and hyrdodemolition. Using this new equipment has allowed them to extend the scope of refurbishment works they can undertake, facilitating larger concrete repair contracts prior to the application of protective linings.

As a diverse contractor they also undertake significant resin flooring contracts, which is often considered an industry in itself. This includes sub floor repairs where required and the application of trowel applied resin screeds.

Some of the areas the company works in include, defence, utilities, food production and general industry. Based in East Anglia but working across the UK exposes them to a variety of projects and challenges.

In 2022 they celebrated 30 years of business and look forward to being members of the ICorr community.

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