New University of Manchester Bursaries Scheme

The Institute is very pleased to announce the signing of a new 5 year agreement with the University of Manchester (UoM), to provide Student Bursaries to its Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students studying Corrosion. This is fully in line with its Memorandum of Association – November 2020 – Section 3(b) that aims:
• To raise the standard of the scientific, technical and professional knowledge of persons engaged in or intending to be engaged in science, technology or engineering practise of corrosion and its control.
• To promote and carry out research and other scientific work in connection with science, technology or engineering practise of corrosion and corrosion control.
• To provide facilities for post-graduate courses and other studies related to the primary objects by means of research fellowships and bursaries for the remuneration, instruction and support of research graduates and students.

UoM and ICorr Relationship
The relationship between UoM and ICorr goes back several decades, with many former UoM and UMIST (Institute of Science and Technology) staff, students, and ICorr members now working in the Corrosion Industry and Academia.
The Institute has been working very closely over the past 12 months with the Academic and Administrative staff of UoM to develop the bursaries scheme. We have been hugely impressed with their commitment to the advancement of corrosion education and the dedication of its students, as witnessed first-hand at the 65th anniversary presentations of UoM corrosion teaching in April 23.
All presentations from their recent 65 year UoM Jubilee
Corrosion Symposium are now available on UoM YouTube channel:

Details of New Scheme
This new UoM bursaries scheme was championed by Bill Hedges, who has worked closely with past ICorr President Stuart Lyon, and has the full support of ICorr Council. It will start in September 2023 and provide the following for the upcoming academic year.

Undergraduate Scholarships
• ICorr will provide 4x £2,000 bursaries for undergraduate (UG) students.
• The UG scholarships will be allocated in December 2023, which is when the final year students will choose the options for the second semester, (they can choose up to 3 Corrosion units).

Post Graduate Scholarships
• ICorr will also provide 2x £8,500 bursaries for MSc students.
• By awarding the scholarships from 2023-24 academic year, the expectation is that UoM will improve the conversion rate from MSc offers to the number of people that register on the Corrosion course.
All prospective UoM corrosion course students are required to complete a detailed questionnaire in support of their application for an ICorr-UoM scholarship.
The total annual bursary support by ICorr will be £25,000 per annum. Each year UoM will review the scholarship scheme and,
if necessary, change the number and value of each scholarship, in order to maximise the number of students who select Corrosion options going forward.

New UoM Corrosion Lead
Dr Beatriz Mingo, a Royal Academy of Engineering and Presidential Fellow has recently been appointed as the new UoM Corrosion subject lead.

Beatriz of the Henry Royce Institute graduated in Chemistry (2011), completed her Masters in Materials Science and Technology (2012), and defended her PhD thesis (2016) at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, Spain), for which she received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. During her PhD, she studied different strategies to improve the corrosion resistance of light alloys.

In 2013 the British-Spanish Society granted her a scholarship to complete her academic training in cutting edge 3D characterisation techniques at The University of Manchester. She also carried out two research stays at the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht (2015 and 2016) in the Corrosion and Surface Technology Group, where she learned the fundamentals of active protection, with the development of self-healing coatings based on layered double hydroxides formed on aluminium based composites.

In 2016, the European Federation of Corrosion awarded her the Eurocorr Young Scientist Grant, which is aimed at promoting knowledge exchange between young and international senior scientists. In 2017, she was awarded the Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers, and in 2018, she obtained the Presidential Fellowship at The University of Manchester.

Beatriz Mingo is currently a Senior Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow at The University of Manchester and Henry Royce Institute. Her research focuses on the development of environmentally friendly smart surface treatments for corrosion protection and lifetime extension of engineering systems. She has published +35 research publications in the field of Corrosion Science and her work has been recognised internationally by the European Federation of Corrosion and the International Society of Electrochemistry, amongst others. Most recently she was awarded the 2022 RAEng Young Engineer of the Year, The University of Manchester Distinguished Achievement Medal – Researcher of the Year 2022 and the UCM Alumni Award, 2022”.

The new Home for Engineering and Materials boasts a range of teaching spaces, lecture theatres, multi-purpose study areas, social spaces, and very well-equipped research laboratories.


New University of Manchester Buildings – Engineering Building A.

Dr Beatriz Mingo of the Henry Royce Institute Manchester.

New University of Manchester Laboratories.



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