North East Branch

The branch has been relaunched after a period of inactivity, in what many believe is perfect timing for the industry, with the NE becoming the central hub for many major construction projects.

The chair of the new committee is Lee Wilson, and the other members are,
Bruno Ravel – Vice chair
Chris Langley – Secretary
Josie Watson – Treasurer, and
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Matt Fletcher – Events
Patrick Johnson
David Mobbs – Branch support

The branch is planning to hold its technical meetings in collaboration with the Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineering, who are based in the heart of Newcastle. A full programme is being planned, along with a social event in the winter.

A brief introduction of some of the committee members, and their areas of expertise is given below:

Chairman: Lee Wilson, C.Eng, FICorr, is an AMPP and ICorr certified instructor, and has authored several books aimed at the inspector. He has over 25 years of experience in our industry and has worked on some of the world’s largest oil and gas projects,

Branch support: David Mobbs, C.Eng, MICorr, has spent 42 years in the protective coating industry working for major paint manufacturers, a contractor and one of the largest engineering consultants. He has been a London Branch committee member for over 20 years, and will assist the new branch committee.

Vice chair: Bruno Ravel, has a background in chemistry and has specialist knowledge of coating formulation and testing in relation to the heavy-duty coating market.

He has worked for 10 years as a formulator for many paint companies in the marine and protective coating sector including one of the world’s largest heavy-duty paint companies.

The expertise and background of the other members will be given in the next magazine. Full details of the branch’s technical meetings will be given in the up-coming magazines, and on the Institute website.

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